knee pain

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knee pain

Postby Shadescp » Tue Jul 17, 2007 20:21 pm


i'm experiencing some pain on the outside or lateral part of my knee.

I first got it when - during a holiday in unfamilair terrain , plus wearing newly installed cleats - headed up a steep climb without a good warm-up. I think the cleats were also turned in a little too much. After 10-20 miles i got lateral knee pain. It came on quite quickly and soon was very painful indeed. I just managed to get myself home and was limping for the rest of the day.

I rested a few days and have since gradually (over 4 weeks ) increased my mileage until i was up to 3x30 mile bike rides per week. However, yesterday it came back after one moderate hour on a turbo trainer..

Any ideas what it is and how to recover? From basic research I'm wondering if it is ITB though the symptoms don't match perfectly.
I'm new to turbo training. Is it bad for knees? I was cycling at 70-80% max HRM for 1hr.

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