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ginger spazz
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Postby ginger spazz » Fri Jan 04, 2008 22:02 pm


i have noticed that a few of you hav the same problem as me...sweating like a pregnant nun!

i notice this when riding with mates...they have dry shirts and i have a wetter shirt than if i jumped in a swimming pool..i have used anti-perspirant but this doesnt work too well...i also dont wear alot when riding...

any solutions?

lol thanks

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Postby OllyUK » Fri Jan 04, 2008 22:11 pm

are you using a wicking base layer? or just a cotton t shirt?

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Postby justrideallday » Sat Jan 05, 2008 11:42 am

There was something in what mountain bike about sweating a couple of issues ago. I think it basically said that you sweat more if you are really unfit and, surprisingly, if you are fitter than average.

I have the same problem as ginger spazz, i don't wear many layers but i will sweat even if it is cold. I do between 100 - 150 miles a week so i don't think i am that unfit :D

I will try and find the article when i go back to uni on monday.

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Postby justrideallday » Tue Jan 08, 2008 13:33 pm

here's the article that was in what mtb in issue 76 Nov '07:

'What happens when you sweat

People think they are unfit when they sweat alot, but unless a person is really overweight, the fitter the person is the more they will sweat. being effcient at sweating is essential for cycling, so the body's core temperature remains at 37 degrees centigrade. If your body temperature increases by one degree your heart rate will increase by 5-10, so you'll be excercising closer to your maximum capacity and will tire quickly.

If 2% of your body weight is lost in sweat your performance will drop by 5%. Sweat loss of 4% reduces muscular strength and cramping may occur. 5% loss could mean heat exhustion. 7% loss and the mind won't be able to focus, and a 10% loss could cause heat stroke and circulation problems.

Your sweat contains a variety of electrolytes - sodium , calcium. magnesium, phosphate, sulphate, potassium, bicarbonate and chloride- and these electrolytes need to be constantly replaced to prevent impaired performance. Drinking about 400-500ml of fluid per hour of riding will help. Use a drink which contains between 6-8% carbohydrates and all of the electrolytes to enable the stomach to empty quickly and promote fluid retention.

Experiment before competition with the amounts of energy drinks you use, as some will be less agreeable with you. There's nothing worse than being in a long marathon race and finding out you're using too high a percentage of energy drink. It makes you dehydrated and the stomach gets very bloated, as it can't release the fluid into the body. If you drink just water it is possible to over-hydrate, as they are no electrolytes in the drink and as they are washed out of the body in your sweat they aren't replaced.

Remember that your body is 70% water. so try your best to keeo it that way. Drink plenty before, during and after your rides and you'll ride stronger, faster, longer and keep sweating.'

it doesn't say anythong about stopping sweating; i think we will all sweat differentt amounts and we just have to live with it.

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