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Get fit for riding.
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Re: The Fat Club

Postby jsteve » Wed Dec 05, 2012 11:44 am

I'm not fat but i'm not fit either due to lot of work pressure and relationship issues, i went into stress and lost my focus from getting fit. Now, i work as a freelancer and dump that girl. And living happily and planning to get fitter.


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Re: The Fat Club

Postby Flashart » Sat Dec 22, 2012 11:20 am

Well, first post on here but been lurking for a while. This may be a long story but hopefully it'll give some sort of encouragement if anyone's struggling, I know I did ad reading other people's stories did help.
I've been on that slippery weight loss slope now for a year I'm 35 now and gone from just under 22st to mid 15's now, I've never done any real physical activity, started out just walking as I couldn't even ride a mile up the road without having to stop! Used to walk about 6 miles a night and a 10 miler at the weekend, also watched what I ate and limited my cal's (used my fitness pal app, still do, I highly recommend it) lost a couple of st like that then tried the bike again, bought a cheap road bike and loved it so traded up, throughout the summer I'd knock out 15-20miles a night and some 40+ at the weekends and my average speed has gone from 12 to 19mph and i absolutly love it, I also managed the 3 peaks this year, something I'd never thought I'd even attempt in my life!! Now the weathers turned though I've got myself a hardtale as I don't fancy road riding when it's dark/wet/cold, however this has bought my inner child out as I now like nothing better than getting covered in mud etc (don't want to think what the etc is!)

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Re: The Fat Club

Postby Gamblor » Mon Dec 24, 2012 17:03 pm

Thought I'd chime in here aswell.

I'm 24, 5'9'' and currently around the 76kg mark. I was always around 9-10stone but the last year or so it piled on (maybe not as much as some, but enough for me to notice and get quite depressed about it).

Started going to the gym every day for an hour earlier in the year, but after 4 months or so I began to totally dispise the sight of the place, and I lost all motivation. Started riding my crappy Apollo FS26 for a week until I relaised that not only was it a rubbish bike, but a year without use had left it in a dire condition.

Just bought a Carerra Vulcan with the aim or riding every day. I'm currently at the tail end of a degree course and will aim to get a job thats within cycling distance to loose the weight.

Heres a little copy/paste from another forum, although bare in mind that all the figures here are from the gym. I don't really care if cycling makes me loose weight at a slower pace, its infinitely more enjoyable than trapsing up to the gym every day.

Height: 5'9''
Weight (9/7/12): 85kg
Weight (7/8/12): 82kg
Weight (24/8/12): 80kg
Weight (7/10/12): 78kg
Weight (18/11/12): 76kg (after a 6 week break from the gym)

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Re: The Fat Club

Postby JamesMc » Sun Jan 06, 2013 22:22 pm

Less carbs and more fruit and veg! Also chew more and drink plenty of water.

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Re: The Fat Club

Postby XxxBFGxxX » Sun Jan 13, 2013 05:07 am

First of all sorry guy's I aint been on the forum for some time due
To me having some really bad problems in life. Its really nice to see
the amount of posts this thread now has.

My weight has gone thru the roof again¡ Am prob at my heviest again
174kg witch I belive is about 26 ish stone.

I have just bought a kona dawg frame and intend to build a strong
All mountain XC rig. I will then be riding the 4 mile to work just to get
My body used to riding again. And I cant wait to be riding for fun like I used to.

Cheera for now BfG

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Re: The Fat Club

Postby Rich_T1982 » Sat May 18, 2013 05:42 am

I'm 31, 6ft 4inch and I'm just short of 18 stone. I'm in the process of buying my first Road bike, I want to lose 3.5 stone. I'm also wanting to improve my fitness as I have had a kidney transplant.

I didn't realise how ill I was till I had the transplant. I feel great now and want to make the most of it by getting as fit as possible!

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Re: The Fat Club

Postby Belongtanick » Sun Jun 02, 2013 14:06 pm

I'm Nick and I'm a big tub of lard at 19 stone 2. I have always had a bike to ride and when I was 19/20 I was whippet thin and cycled every where. Then I learned to drive. I got a Trek 4300 about 3 years ago to help me start cycling again and to lose weight. I have sort of used the bike on and off and I find it all too easy to not cycle in to work. I only work about 5.5 miles from where I live and it is partly on the road and partly down the tow path along the Thames from Teddington Lock to Kingston.

I have decided that as of tomorrow I will be back on the cycling in to work thing. No more excuses about it being cold or wet. I need to lose this weight and get down to around 13 or 14 stone as I am getting married to my fiancee next year and I don't want to be the big bloater in all the wedding pics.

I will post updates on here to let you all know how I am doing. By all means feel free to drop me a message direct if you want to.

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Re: The Fat Club

Postby Plasma_man » Sun Jul 21, 2013 19:42 pm

My story.

38 years old, 5ft 9, was around 14.5 stone, lets use kg since thats what I know. I was always 80kg when younger and fit, was, biking all over Scotland, pentlands, the Lakes, I worked 4 on 4 off so my me and work mates always had time to go exploring. In those days, trail centres were pretty new, we just got a os map and went for it, coast to coast with tents and not much else, pleading with pubs to gives us a bowl of soup when we arrived in the middle of nowhere at midnight! Work took me to Switzerland 12 years ago, started eating out more, drinking beer and exercising much less I peaked at 95kg over winter but in April I was 92kg.

This year I got a new bike and have been doing min 40km a week since April but in June and July, around 100 to 140km (every 2nd evening) Fitness has improved A LOT! The 1000ft climb I managed eventually, is now my warm up for a XC ride, I now enter some XC competitions and Swiss Iron Bikes. My weight is down to 84kg, I feel a lot better for it, but I am struggling to get rid of the man boobs, love handles, and still a little pot belly that is annoying. But, I am putting in the km´s every day. Today was 40km in 33 deg heat, drank 2.5ltrs water and came back 600grams lighter!

Diet is much improved, only eating carbs in the lead up to rides, otherwise fruit veg and hardly any frying, thats the Swiss style anyway so it fits right in. Looking forward to getting down to 80kg, jeez, if I reach that by end of summer, I will be going out for the biggest feast/celebration ever.

Another motivation was my baby daughter that arrived 10 days ago, I wanted to be a fit Daddy, so when my wife was gaining weight, I was losing it. For me, patience plays a big roll, don´t weigh yourself too often, as you get fitter, you tend not to eat so much crap, and the ball keeps rolling until now I can´t imagine finishing a meal with that terrible stuffed turkey feel where you think you can´t even walk.

Fingers crossed I keep it up over winter. I don´t post much on here, being abroad doesn´t help, but for advice this place is great.
- 2013 Cube LTD, SL 29, grey / black.

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Re: The Fat Club

Postby FatBlokeLondon » Tue Aug 06, 2013 12:13 pm

Ok, I definitely qualify for this one.
I am 53, 6' tall, and weigh 19st 2lbs ( 121 Kg )
Until 7 years ago, I was quite fit, weighed around the 16st mark, and was active, then I had a heart attack.
My diet was rubbish, and I smoked.
So stopped smoking, changed my diet, and became a bit scared about excercising.
As a result, I expanded to my current weight.
My wife just bought me a moun tain bike, a hardtail Barracuda Obtuse. It was either this or a gym membership, and beleive me when I say I detest gyms, so the bike won.
Bearing in mind I hadn't ridden a bike for decades, I am now committing myself to ride every day, and I am slowly building up the speed, distance, and confidence.
So at this point I am doing around 10 miles a day, plus another 5 miles as a slow ride with the dog in tow.
Already I am getting hooked on riding around our local woods and park footpaths. Nothing extreme, but up and down hills, so I'm having fun doing it.
I am not going to set myself a fixed weight target, I would rather lose enough until I look, and feel good.
My guess would be I have around 3 st to lose (ish)
Let the thin-ness begin !!

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Re: The Fat Club

Postby s1paulj » Thu Aug 15, 2013 14:18 pm

HI all, My name is Paul and I'm fat!
I'm 49, 6'4" and 19.5 st. I've always been large framed but have been overweight for years. After a particularly sedentary business trip abroad where i did nothing but sit on a plane, in a taxi, in a hotel and in an office for a week, the time had come for a change.
I hate gyms, so decided to try cycling as it was non-load bearing and i've never been any good at jogging!
Bought myself a Carrera Fury off e-bay and started cycling 5 miles every other day, have now built up to 5 miles one day and 10 ish the next, haven't really lost much weight yet, but the riding is getting easier and i'm hooked on riding!
One of the biggest things I have noticed is how much more energy I have even after a relatively short time of getting some regular exercise. Post lunch at my PC, I used to find it really hard to stay awake, but now i can concentrate much better and get lots more done.
I don't think my diet is too bad, don't drink very much, have never smoked, and don't eat many sweets or junk food - my one down fall is probably cheese - i love the stuff...
I've drastically cut down on the 10 + cups of tea I had a day (don't take sugar) to 3 - 4 and drinking much more water which is almost certainly good for me, but i've only lost about 3 lbs in 4 weeks of ramping up my exercise.
So should i increase the effort of my cycling - i.e. try to reduce my times, or ride for longer to loose some weight.
Also i've read about the importance of 'rest days' - so should i be doing that or is that for when your doing some serious miles?
This is a really good thread and in a back handed kind of way its nice to know i'm not alone with my weight problem!
Best regards

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Re: The Fat Club

Postby ol\'gregg » Tue Feb 11, 2014 12:18 pm

Well a year on from a break up. being kicked out of the house i shared with my ex (having to move back to my folks) being signed off work for 3 months due to being diagnosed with depression and stress (see previous). I got myself back to normality and got myself a nice place to live and work becoming better. I weighed myself and was horrified to see i'd ballooned to 18st 9lb (was 16st). So decided to try and sort this so started with Herbalife 2 weeks ago and have cut out all snacks and fizzy drinks, started thinking about what im putting into my body food wise and have been having healty evening meals. Using the turbo trainer in the flat to get me motivated to hit some trail centres and i've lost 9lb in 2 weeks.
It's going to be a tough climb to get to where i want to be (15 stone) but i already feel better, more awake and have a lot more energy. Life is starting to slot back in to place my moods have improved.
gochel chan ddynion i mewn blew beisiau achos hwy cadernid bod eirth

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Re: The Fat Club

Postby raldat » Tue Feb 11, 2014 18:40 pm

So my story. I am Darren, 40 , 182cm and I was a far ars* at 110kg, at least I was 2 years ago. I moved to Denmark for work and fell into the 'wrong' crowd, a crowd who loved to ride XC mountain bike and not only ride but race. So I went riding with them and they said, 'come and join us in a race, it's easy and there are plenty of newbies, they lied, it was not easy and there were few newbies and I came last. But I had fun and returned and kept going back. Slowly I got better and racing gave motivation to train. So now I train 5 days a week, but I have the luxury of a bike commute through lovely forest for half the ride. Last year I did my first MTB marathon (103km). Now I weigh 79kg and am still losing, although I am actually trying not to lose too much now. Mountain biking was the best. It too effort for sure, but not that much motivation as it soon became 'easy' or at least enjoyable. I hate gyms, but riding is fun. Riding more lead to riding more as it became easier and that provided motivation to watch the food and beer a bit.

So good luck and hang in there to all trying, if you love this sport, it is a great way to go.

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Re: The Fat Club

Postby Jon1984 » Wed Feb 19, 2014 08:19 am

Hi, I'm Jon.

I stand 6ft and a lumpy 18.5/19 stone of ex prop forward. After a motorbike accident stopped me from playing rugby a while back I just kind of went through the motions and recently decided that it was time to change that.

I purchased a mountain bike (no markings to say which but runs like a charm for £30) and have started riding to and from work as well as starting to eat healthily again.

As added incentive I have signed up for the 25 mile sport relief ride in Manchester on the 23rd March which gives me 4 weeks to prepare and I am currently riding 7ish miles in total to and from work (I only live 2ish miles from work) and then looking at doing a good 10/15 miles at the weekends which over time I will increase. I have a couple of training partners at work who have been riding for a few years so looking forward to the challenge.

After I've completed that ride I am going to look at signing up for the Manchester to Blackpool ride which is around 60 miles then the world is my oyster.


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Re: The Fat Club

Postby Briarquest » Tue Mar 04, 2014 18:30 pm

After 5 years away from this forum I am back. I just did a 10.8 mile ride and feeling it. When I used to post on here 5 years ago I was up to 30 miles. Shame on me :(

However, I am still a stone lighter than I used to be when I was posting previously :)


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Re: The Fat Club

Postby andrepepe » Tue Mar 25, 2014 09:13 am

Hi Guys,

I just found this post today and I decide to share my weight history!

Back in 2010... I was with 24 stones (155Kg)... I stared to get shame of myself and turn my mind... this weight cannot be with me forever!

I decide to start cycling... now.. 4 years later, just cycling... without any kind of diet or healthy food habit... I lost 6 stones... now, it's starting to get harder and harder... My next step is... starting the healthy diet in order to help to reduce the weight!

My target is 90Kg, as I'm 5'11.

When I started, I was cycling 2 miles per day, 3 times a week... now, I'm cycling 20 miles a day (on my commute, monday to friday) and then 40/50 miles at the weekend!

The best person to beat on each ride is yourself! You are your best ride mate, as well your best enemy! Do not get easy with yourself! You can make the difference between Win or Loose!

Ride safely!
Actual ride: Kona Satori 2012
Custom Kona Dew Plus 2008

Previous rides:
- Giant Rapid One (Broken in a accident)
- Scott Genius MC40 (Stolen)
- Orange Sub-Five (Broke the frame)
- Orange G3 (Sold)
- Orange Crush (Sold)

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Re: The Fat Club

Postby Luke87 » Sun May 25, 2014 00:16 am

26 years 5ft 7 and when I started I was 14.8 st after 3.5 weeks I am now 13.10st mainly blasting up and down the tow paths and b-roads to get fitness levels back up! Completed changed my diet though fruit, veg and meat. And for snacks it is nuts or cooked chicken! Drinking around 2-3l a day! Aiming for around 12st! Just gotta keep it up!

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Re: The Fat Club

Postby PurpleK » Wed Jul 09, 2014 15:45 pm

Hi, hope you don't mind me joining here...

I'm Kerstin, i'm 41, 5'6 and rather over weight! After many many years of different diets, lack of willpower I gave myself a kick up the ars* back in april when the scales showed me to be 18st 7lb - my heaviest and my diabetes (type 2) was borderline to needing treatment!! So out came the wii fit, and walking shoes and I began spending an hour wii fitting and making myself do 10000 steps a day, as well as changing what I eat.. I also decided to join my hubby biking (he's a keen mtb'er) and bought myself a cheap 2nd hand Apollo off ebay (I didn't want anything more expensive as I didn't know if I would take to it or not.. ) Anyway, that bike lasted me all of about 4 weeks when I decided I needed something with a little more go in it - taken a liking to the off road tracks we have a lot of around where I live so on monday my hubby is picking me up a Claud Butler hardtail and I can't wait!!!

With the help of cycling I have lost 1 and a half stone now, and weigh in today at exactly 17st. I've gone from a 52" waist to a 46" and so I am told, my legs are really showing it :-) When I first started bike riding I was only able to do 4 mile maximum which took close to an hour :oops: and now I am able to do around 15 miles in about an hour or so. We've got a 30 mile ride planned for the 2nd so need to get out a lot in the next couple of weeks. Bonus is, I have my hubby to keep me company :-)

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Re: The Fat Club

Postby Red.Devil.Ghost » Sun Oct 05, 2014 13:48 pm

There are some good stories on here of people doing really well.

I currently find myself at 15 stone (95Kg) after having not done any continued exercise since the back end of Feb last year. I joined the Army at 22 (i'm now 31) and I could do the Army fitness test (1.5 mile run) in 9 mins 20. I also weighed about 11-11.5 stone (about 70-73kg). Now, I feel I could barely run the distance let alone pass a test. I should point out I'm not in anymore, but its still rather poor.

I am one of these people who is not blessed with natural strength and fitness. Prior to joining, I was quite active and skinny. I used to cycle to work, approx five miles in the 20 minute mark on a Shogun Curfew XC bike, on roads. Throughout my Army years, I ate a lot of crap food and drank a lot of beer. Fortunately, my diet is a hell of a lot better now, and I don't drink anywhere near as much as I used to. Having said that, I know there is no way I will stop the beer completely - I enjoy it too much.

I do however want to sort myself out - I have become so incredibly lazy in the last few months. When I got the redundancy, I had about 5 months off work, including a month in Colombia. I did absolutely nothing with this time, except waste it. I went for the odd cycle ride, and a very occasional run, but that aside nothing to speak of. I also wasted a fair bit of money. I really wish I had approached it completely differently but its all done and dusted now, nothing to do.

So this thread inspired me to get off my lazy ars* and go for a short run this morning before watching the football. I will doing a lot more cycling over the winter as well. My girlfriend works shifts and as such there will be a couple of nights a week where I can get out and about and do some cold winter night riding, which I am looking forward to. It won't just be riding though - running, strength work and even a bit of swimming. My target is to lose the belly, and put on a bit more muscle. I am not too bothered about the weight, as long as the fat is gone.

The girlfriend has put on a few pounds as well. She is from Colombia, and we recently looked at some pics of us there. We hadn't realised how much weight both of us had put on. We have lost most of that, but there is still a long way to go. She will always be beautiful, but I know she isn't happy with her weight right now. I am thinking of popping the question soon, and so I want us both to look great in the pics. Neither of us will want to look back in a few years and regret not making the effort etc. We are also going back to Colombia in 2016 and want to look good for that as well.

So while my case is not like most on here, thank you for the kick up the backside to finally get it sorted, to stop making excuses and want to start the fitness work again. Keep up the good efforts you are all doing - the only reward you need is knowing you will be able to enjoy MTB even more and for longer periods at a time as you keep going.

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Re: The Fat Club

Postby ol\'gregg » Mon Oct 20, 2014 13:05 pm

Just thought i'd update here from my post back in February.
I went up to 18st 11lb but since then I've changed my eating and been more active and as of this morning I am now 16st 8lb. I've still got a way to go until i'm happy but i'm finding I can fit in to clothes I couldn't before. feel more awake and have more energy.
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Re: The Fat Club

Postby Devyhead » Mon Oct 27, 2014 18:58 pm

Hi, I'm Ross. I'm 6'4" and weighed in at 19 stone. When I first saw this I was mortified, as it was the heaviest I'd ever been. I decided to do something about it.

I started by eating better and walking 3 mile a day and made good in-roads by doing this. My employer participates in the Cycle To Work scheme and, as I have been out of mountain biking for roughly 10 years, decided this would be a good way to get back into it (beer, music and women took over for a while). I got myself a Cannondale (a bike I've always wanted :mrgreen: ) and started biking again. I've been off road and have managed to bike to work a few times now too (a 30-mile round trip) and have now reached 16 stone 4. I intend to get under 16 stone, possibly maybe to the 15 stone mark. Although I've cut down alot on the rubbish I eat, I don't think you should totally cut out the things you love, as this may lead to failure in the future. and don't get me started on fad diets!

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