Cleat shims

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Cleat shims

Postby garykid » Thu May 17, 2012 22:30 pm

OK I am braced for the onslaught of abuse but has anybody ever tried these?
Reason: recent x rays reveal I am built like a mountain goat or track cyclist going left continuously with one very short leg (OK they are both ******* short but one more so than the other apparently) and it has been advised I get orthotics for day to day which I will, and possible cleat shims for cycling.

I have heard of shims for over pronantion (yep I do that too) but not for leg length differences, would they make a difference or should I consider asymetric crank lengths which I read was an I am weary of tbh?

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Re: Cleat shims

Postby steviemidnight » Mon May 21, 2012 14:48 pm

I actually cut up a milk carton to make plastic shims to change the angle of my cleats - cheap solution and 2 layers under 1 side of the cleat added just enough lift and angle to stop my foot pain

I was looking at building shims/spacers for windows which are angled but never found anything quite right.

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Re: Cleat shims

Postby benpinnick » Mon May 21, 2012 15:05 pm

Asymetric cranks wont help I am guessing, as they will be longer in one direction, and shorter in another. The milk bottle approach sounds good to me.
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