Fractured Pelvis

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Fractured Pelvis

Postby airbusboy » Wed Jun 13, 2012 13:33 pm

Good Afternoon.

Just wondering if anyone has experience about this?

I fractured my pelvis in 3 places about 2months ago; the main issue being a right sacral fracture. Fortunately nothing has displaced and i've been taking it fairly easy.. swimming, cross trainer, upper body weighs, drinking and watching lots of TV. I went out on the road bike 2days ago and bashed out 42miles and then 25 yesterday; painfully unfit at the moment. Disappointingly i've developed a slight twinge just right of my coccyx (sp?) ; my sacral. Hopefully it's a short term thing and i've irritated it slightly... more rest.

I'm really looking for advice/experience with this injury... i've spoken with my consultant who said 3months+ no impact sport.. but they are always fairly conservative. I think i'm getting frustrated... and itching to get out on my bike again, but then i don't want to risk prolonging the problems....

All advice welcome


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