protien drinks

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Re: protien drinks

Postby T.M.H.N.E.T » Mon Nov 05, 2012 19:39 pm

kammybear wrote:Obviously that's for hardcore dudes only and will be shitted out by most of us?

DCR00 wrote:"Obviously that's for hardcore dudes only and will be shitted out by most of us?"

I'm sorry, did i hurt your feelings by disagreeing with your inaccurate statements about the "right" amount of protein to consume or the fact that the excess doesn't get "sh*tted out", or was your question mark at the end of the statement above asking a question ?

what you will find with this forum is that people generally don't mind ignorance, however a denial of fault when what you have stated in the first instance is incorrect is, on the whole, met with the reaction you've had

if you had come back and said "Know what, i think i was wrong", then people would have been far more tolerant.

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Re: protien drinks

Postby DCR00 » Mon Nov 05, 2012 20:16 pm


Sammy. i was wrong to say you suggested that excess protein was "sh*tted out". Know what, i think i was wrong.

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Re: protien drinks

Postby sammysideways » Mon Nov 05, 2012 21:03 pm

thats ok. mistakes are easily made :D

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Re: protien drinks

Postby kammybear » Tue Nov 06, 2012 01:31 am

Chillax dudes!

The ? was there because I read it on another forum years ago and don't mind being put right!

It may not get "shitted out" but it sure as hell won't help much eating 1.5x-2x bodymass for most people unless they're looking to put on loads of muscle mass? (in g not kg :wink: )

I'm on low carbs right now and tend to consume around 100-150g of protein a day...I weigh about 76kg so I kinda hit that scale though...

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