Riding with a knee support

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Riding with a knee support

Postby amc » Thu Aug 30, 2012 09:05 am

Think i have jarred my left knee and have been given a knee support to wear during my normal day.
Not sure what caused it as have had same position on commuting bike for last 5 yrs (with no probs) and haven't had any slips, trips or falls. Knee just feels a bit sore when walking and general movement, feels bruised in that there a low, dull throb but isn't and isn't swollen - doc said most likely have jarred it and it's a bit out of position hence giving a knee support.
Had planned a good training ride on Sat - but should i ride with the support or not? Knee doesn't feel any better or worse when have cycled with the soreness so not sure what will be best (and forgot to ask doc).

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Re: Riding with a knee support

Postby andhr » Thu Aug 30, 2012 19:41 pm

Have you tried putting some ice on it? I can't imagine a knee jarring not resulting in some internal swelling - be careful with GPmadvice, they aren't experts and can end up prolonging issues when they're avoiding referring you to a specialist.

Re: ice - sit on the floor, put two cushions under your knee and ice pack on top for five mins, see if the soreness reduces at all.

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