Power meter survey

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Power meter survey

Postby gery03 » Sun Nov 25, 2012 14:49 pm

(This topic is not only for MTB bikes, so i place this question to the road forums too, please do not consider it as spam. Thanks.)
Please fill out my anonym, 2-min long survey, which is about power meters for bike.
I'd like to use it for possibly make a change in availability of these products for a normal person.

I would be really grateful if more and more of You could help me with answering my questions. Help me so I can help You, with a new product.

Here is the survey: http://kwiksurveys.com/s.asp?sid=fl1sdnebbby3q6l53686

Greetings from Hungary!

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Re: Power meter survey

Postby njee20 » Mon Nov 26, 2012 15:48 pm

Done! I think a bit is lost in translation - no option to say "I already use a power meter", and I really don't mind how long the batteries last (within reason)!

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