Touring insurance

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Special K
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Touring insurance

Postby Special K » Fri Jun 15, 2007 11:17 am

Just worked out that my travel insurance that covers me for cycling does not cover me for the full replacement value of my bike (œ1200) and perhaps more importantly any 3rd party liability.

Can anyone recommend an insurance company or even policy? Mostly we are talking about cycling on paved roads in Europe...

Any thoughts much appreciated - Leaving for France this time next week!

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Postby ASC1951 » Sat Jun 16, 2007 15:41 pm

Well, if no-one else has any views...

Do you have theft or third party bike insurance if you go out on it at home? If not, what's different about taking it to France?

I have never had any sort of travel, contents or equipment insurance. Despite the regulation couple of burglaries, I have saved a serious sum over the last thirty years.

[If you do have domestic contents insurance, check whether it already includes third-party non-vehicle cover - many do. For theft/loss etc try the CTC].

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Postby kitchensink » Sat Jun 16, 2007 21:54 pm

My bank (Coop) includes travel insurance. But check the details. I checked with mine. Even though the policy covered cycle touring and there were no restrictions in the small print on the phone they told ne I was only covered up to 2000M. I usually go higher but this year the highest was Col de PailhŠres. It's 2001 and that meant I wasn't covered. So I went with CTC.

I needed it once and Coop ins came up trumps - took a tumble in Switzerland (not a tour just hired a bike) needed sugery and repatriation by ambulance - so won't go without it now.

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