Top tips for taking your bike on a flight

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Re: Top tips for taking your bike on a flight

Postby cycladelic » Thu Oct 11, 2012 05:20 am

I flew with KLM - Air France. They only allow one piece of free baggage... the second piece you have to pay a flat fee of 100 euros or US dollars. Obviously my bike counted as a second piece of baggage.

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Re: Top tips for taking your bike on a flight

Postby d70ar9 » Fri Oct 12, 2012 11:04 am

I use a CTC clear plastic bag, it costs around £7 and has been perfect on the last 3 tours i've done. The theory is that as the baggage handlers can see the bike is a bike and not some anonymous box they treat it with more respect. Another huge advantage is that if you are cycling out a flying back the bag can easily be carried with you, it also doubles up as a groundsheet if you a camping. I was dubious at first but have had nothing but good experiences using a clear plastic bag found here: (it goes in and out of stock regularly - so keep checking)
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Re: Top tips for taking your bike on a flight

Postby alfablue » Fri Oct 12, 2012 13:10 pm

d70ar9 wrote:I use a CTC clear plastic bag,

I used this too, saw the baggage handlers handling the bikes as if they were bikes, and with care, rather than chucking them around. Saw them stood on their wheels on the trolley at the aircraft. I removed the pedals and turned the bars. I used a large zip tie to gather up excess plastic, and duck tape to seal.

I also put all four of our panniers in one cheap large holdall. This reduced the baggage charges (Easyjet). The holdall and plastic bike bags folded up small enough to not pose any problem on tour.

I declined the invitation of one check-in person to deflate the tyres (it simply isn't necessary and could make the wheels more vulnerable).

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