Bike bag for train travel

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Bike bag for train travel

Postby bobinski » Wed Aug 01, 2012 12:39 pm


Off to Bourg st Maurice and the Alps for 11 days of cycling later this month. I am travelling there by train part of the journey overnight and with storage under a bunk and taking my sl pro so thought i would invest in a bike bag. I am unlikely to travel by plane with my bike in future but if i did would rent a bike box. So, i need a decent bike bag for train travel only and one that requires as little diss-assembly of the the bike as possible. You see i am a bit of a klutz and if i have to say take rear mechs off etc and then reassemble, then something will surely go wrong and given i will be cycling on my own its a risk not worth taking.
I am thinking of these...

DHB Elsted Wheeled Bike Bag

£63 / $99

"Masses of space but little in the way of padding or strapping"

The DHB Elsted's dimensions are the biggest we’ve seen, but at 6.78kg it’s light for the size. Fitting our test bike was pretty simple. The frameset fitted in with no problems. Two large slots hold the wheels in place and there's plenty of space left over for accessories and kit.

The construction is heavyweight-coated polyester and the lining is a ripstop-like fabric. The base and corners are reinforced, adding a bit of structure and protection. The padding is dense 20mm crush-resistant foam.

It offers decent impact protection for a bag, and still allows the bag to be folded, making it easier to store. Dual wheels and a grab handle make it easy to move and twin shoulder straps means you can lug it upstairs, though the large size means it helps if you’re tall.

Size: 134 x 90 x 26cm
Weight: 6.78kg
Extras: ID pocket


Polaris Cargo Bag

£110 / $TBC

"Lightweight bike bag that's a good size and easy to transport"

The inside of the Polaris Cargo Bag features two large zipped compartments for pedals and accessories, plus two padded wheel bags. Externally it has twin shoulder straps, a grab handle, reinforced base and two encapsulated roller wheels.

The robust nylon fabric is backed with dense 10mm thick foam. The size enabled us to fit our test bike in, only needing to slide the aero extensions back into the clamps towards the top tube. With a bagged wheel either side of the frame it was snug but manageable.

What also impressed us was the weight. At just 5.32kg it’s light for such a decent size. The reinforced base with plastic skids has enough structure to prevent the bag from flopping over. The sides are still pliable enough to be able to fold over and reduce the size when you’re storing it.

Size: 126 x 80 x 23cm
Weight: 5.32kg
Extras: Two wheel bags, tool roll, luggage tag
From: Polaris

Does anyone have experience of using these and if so would you recommend them? Any things to be wary of or indeed any other recommendations?

Many thanks


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Re: Bike bag for train travel

Postby andymiller » Thu Aug 02, 2012 16:21 pm

I've travelled with the Ground Effect Tardis on Eurostar and TGVs (as well as on German and Spanish high-speed trains). Fits just fine in the luggage racks at the end of (most) carriages. It works extremely well - although there have been times when I would have really appreciated a set of wheels. I'r recommend using the Tardis as a benchmark: you could go a bit longer but not by much.

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Re: Bike bag for train travel

Postby bobinski » Thu Aug 02, 2012 19:53 pm

That's very helpful,thanks.

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