OT-dvd encoding and burning software

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OT-dvd encoding and burning software

Postby sloxam » Sun May 27, 2007 16:53 pm

hi, i want to get a FAST dvd encoding and burning software package. i have used sony dvd architect and cyberlink power producer. burn time for a 4.7gb disc is 2 hours including encoding. my writer writes at 8x.
this seems slow for 1 disc, is it?
any advice welcome

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Postby bonescp » Sun May 27, 2007 16:59 pm

i use dvd shrink to encode and nero to burn it about 40mins


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Postby Pinarellofan » Sun May 27, 2007 19:38 pm

It's not the burning software thats the issue in relationt to speed, it's what processor you have and the type of files you are converting from.

For DVD format, the files have to be converted into AVI mpeg 2 files and if you have video clips in a different format to that then that is a lot of data to convert. an a lot of number crunching. ie. you need a faster processor.

The actual burnignd phase of the dvd disc should only take 1-20 minutes ona typical burner.

i personally use WinDVD creator 2 as it came free with my camera, but im sure there are other free softwares just as good.


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