Hot Feet!! (painful type!)

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Hot Feet!! (painful type!)

Postby Spikedhope » Sun May 27, 2007 22:17 pm

Does anyone have any advice for 'hot feet'...I'm sure everyone knows what I mean - serious pain whilst cycling after about 50km for me, across the ball joints of my feet. I've got 4 pairs of shoes and they all fit fine, not too tight. Pedals - I've got Look, Campy Pro-fit and SPD - Does anyone know of a pedal system that is less likely to cause 'hot feet'? SPD, does seem to be better for me....a mate of mine uses TIME pedals and has never had a problem. So in summary I would like to know if anyone has any words of wisdom regarding how to avoid hot feet and/or what pedal system seems to avoid it.

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Postby dakidcp » Mon May 28, 2007 07:12 am

I've had that before. First time I had it, it was cured by putting my shoes on too loose (Specialized Tahos, if it makes any difference), so that after they'd heated up and expanded from a few miles of riding, they fitted perfectly. When it happened again more recently, I changed my SPDs to some touring SPDs (PD A520), which seem to have stopped it entirely. They are one-sided, so you have to flip to clip in, but I've only been out on them twice and already it's becoming pretty easy to do so [:)]

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