Specialized Allez Sport 2011

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Specialized Allez Sport 2011

Postby Jamesedwardbryan » Fri Nov 23, 2012 15:30 pm

Hi all,

I bought a new bike a couple of months ago. It is a 2011 specialized Allez sport (compact) with pro-lite bracciano wheels and conti 4 seasons tires (which are both fantastic by the way) for £350 (good deal and not stolen!). I love the bike but the sora thumb shifters are annoying me and the chain set is really worn (both on the ring and the arm). I want to replace the chainset regardless because the worn crank arm is ruining the aesthetics of the bike. I was thinking, instead of just replacing, upgrading the chain set and eventually the whole groupset.

I had a ride on one of the other guys bikes which has a SRAM groupset (rival) and really like the ergonomics and how the shifting works.

First of all would it be possible to initially just replacing the chain set? (To sram rival) And then go on to convert it fully?
I know people say this usually isn't worth it but I really like the feel of the bike. (Perhaps i'll upgrade to a Tarmac when I have the cash or just buy the frame and move the groupset over).

Any other thoughts welcome,

Thanks in advance

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Re: Specialized Allez Sport 2011

Postby Ed J » Fri Nov 23, 2012 15:58 pm

Yep, you can use a SRAM chainset with a shimano group.

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