Shimano rear mech parts

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Shimano rear mech parts

Postby Andy_S_T » Fri Dec 28, 2012 16:58 pm

I recently had an 'incident' with some black ice and my rear mech has got damaged. The hanger needs replacing, and that is easy enough to find a replacement for, but the inner cage plate has got damaged as well. Is there anywhere that can buy a spare plate from? I am tempted to just buy a new rear mech as they are now down to about £32 for a a direct replacement (105 (5700)). Which hanger would you also recommend, currently looking at a Wheels #85, it's for a 2012 Orbea Aqua.

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Re: Shimano rear mech parts

Postby nath_vts » Sun Dec 30, 2012 20:11 pm

try madison

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Re: Shimano rear mech parts

Postby Yossie » Sun Dec 30, 2012 20:24 pm

If I'm understanding this right, you need the hangey down things that the jockey wheels sit - you can get carbon ones of these fairly easily (the dudes who do carbon chainrings definitly do them - do a Google on them) or just canibalise an old mech for for them.

Alternatively, smash it with a hammer and replace with D/A in the sales then throw the old one in next door's garden

Re the hanger - just go to the shop and get them to order one: its a current model so will be no problem and probably cost around a tenner. Remember to throw the old one you know where......
This is only a joke by the way, I am in no way implying directly or otherwise that there is any kind of link or similarity between BR and North Korea :)

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