Power measurement on turbo: too inaccurate to be helpful?

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Re: Power measurement on turbo: too inaccurate to be helpful

Postby Herbsman » Thu Nov 01, 2012 09:45 am

Jimboliana wrote:
dawebbo wrote:My tacx flow power readings are not even remotely close to my srm.

All it's good for is pretending that you produce more power than you actually do!

How close are they or not as the case may be? Reason I ask is I have a Tacx Fortius and train with power and HR, I have also done two VO2 max tests at a localish Uni in Essex (http://www.humanperformanceunit.co.uk/) and my outputs are pretty close, not as close to a SRM but within 3-4% which is good enough for me and I bought it NIB on ebay for under £500.00

Edit. I do warm up on it for 10-15mins then callibrate the brake each time i use it to get consistancy

How can you calibrate it if you are not using a power meter to compare it with?

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Re: Power measurement on turbo: too inaccurate to be helpful

Postby Jimboliana » Thu Nov 01, 2012 15:40 pm

Your correct, I don't use a power meter, I just use a function on the Fortius programe that say's 'callibrate brake'. The brake is an electric motor.

How the hell it works i don't know you press the 'callibrate' button on the computer as it tells you start peddling to get the electric motor running and you almost instantly stop peddling but the motor carries on for around 20 seconds.

The motor then stops and you get a + or - figure, a plus means the brake is braking too much and a minus not enough but I callibrate and reset it back to '0' every time I ride on it to give me consistancy, weather that consistancy is +/- 3-4% right or wrong consistancy is anyone's guess!

The only thing I am going on is my HR at a given power over 20mins is consistant with the same on my Fortius if that makes sence

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