Do 'quiet' turbo trainers/rollers exist?

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Al Fresco
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Re: Do 'quiet' turbo trainers/rollers exist?

Postby Al Fresco » Thu Dec 20, 2012 07:22 am

Wrath Rob wrote:
Al Fresco wrote:First Post so be gentle.

I have a Lemond Revmaster spin bike and it is SILENT with no vibrations as it's belt driven. All you hear is your breathing. They cost about £1k new but you can get them on ebay as I did. ... 4abfaeba1a

They weigh about 50kg or so, so the biggest problem you'll have is getting it up the stairs.

Can you get any data from it, e.g built in sensors? Or can you add a speed sensor and derive power via a published power curve?

No, which is why I use rollers (with Trainerroad) and the Revmaster is now a clothes stand. It satisfies the silent criteria though and is fine if you only use HR.

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Re: Do 'quiet' turbo trainers/rollers exist?

Postby Muffintop » Fri Dec 21, 2012 16:27 pm

amaferanga wrote:Mind you, noise is a function of how fast you ride so stronger riders putting out more Watts will generate more noise.

Christ I must be sh!t then.
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