Big guy = best turbo trainer?

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Big guy = best turbo trainer?

Postby shinobishoryuken » Wed Jan 02, 2013 01:30 am

Hi,'I'm 6'5" 130kg and use a wattbike once per week when possible.

I would like to buy my own turbo trainer for when I can't use wattbike or ride outdoors and also want to fit in extra rides around work /kids / life in general.

I used to be quite strong (ex-lifter) before a recent life-changing illness and have snapped a few chains in the past (not necessarily due to incorrect gearing).

Main concerns of a turbo are strength and suitable resistance for a good hard 1 hour workout. My preferred riding is hard and fast at 90+rpm.

Budget is £300.

I have bike computer and HRM already so plain turbo without computer would do, but I do like the power / watts element of the Elite Qubo- the breaker seems to be the need for it to be hooked up to the national grid which makes it somewhat less portable.

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Re: Big guy = best turbo trainer?

Postby Simmo72 » Wed Jan 02, 2013 13:46 pm

I'm 6ft 4,100kg and occasional chain breaker. I was worried about the excess flex because a turbo trainer clamps the bike. It probably isn't a problem because of the day to day stress any rider puts on a bike but it didn't sit well with me. I used the trainer a bit before selling it on. Based on personal experience my advice would be to avoid the turbo trainers and get a pair of rollers. I'm actually enjoying them and its really helping me to spin better and improve my road handling. they are no way near as hard to get used to as some people say, I felt comfortable after 2 sessions. its true you don't get as much resistance as a turbo trainer but it certainly killed me doing interval sessions. You can get some with resistance levels but they cost a bit. It also works your core and isn't as mundane as a turbo as you have to focus on staying upright.

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Re: Big guy = best turbo trainer?

Postby okgo » Wed Jan 02, 2013 14:02 pm

I have a Kurt road machine, it feels very solid, and I wouldn't have thought you would have an issue with it.
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Re: Big guy = best turbo trainer?

Postby SBezza » Wed Jan 02, 2013 15:01 pm

If you want a turbo with watts etc, then yes it is likely to need to be plugged into the mains, not sure if the Cyclops Powerbeam needs mains power or not though, I know my Tacx Flow does, though you can very easily use it without the mains power, just the headunit doesn't work.

Most turbos will offer enough resistance to do hard efforts, though not all rollers offer this. As okgo has mentioned the Kurt turbos are pretty good as are Tacx, your weight shouldn't be any issues to be honest.

Breaking of chains is likely to be a fitting error or possibly just weak chains rather than power through them.

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Re: Big guy = best turbo trainer?

Postby wardieboy » Wed Jan 02, 2013 17:37 pm

+1 for the Kurt machines, I've just bought a rock and roll to replace my Tacx Cycletrack and am really impressed. The Kurt is much more robust with heavy tubing, it also comes with a lifetime guarantee.

I'm using trainerroad for virtual power readings and it is very consistent. The owners of the site use Kurt's and the power curve is very similar to that on the road.

I'm hoping to snap a few chains myself once I can get my wattage up :lol:
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Re: Big guy = best turbo trainer?

Postby MarkP80 » Wed Jan 02, 2013 23:34 pm

okgo wrote:I have a Kurt road machine, it feels very solid, and I wouldn't have thought you would have an issue with it.

+1, with TrainerRoad,
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