Training / Ride Outs Luton / Dunstable area

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Training / Ride Outs Luton / Dunstable area

Postby guado78 » Sat Mar 09, 2013 00:31 am

Hi all,

I am looking for people local to myself who are interested in some training / ride outs around the local area. I have only clocked up a few hundred miles this year due to cold/flu, injury and family commitments however i am looking to make a mends and get fit once again with a view to completing a couple of sportives later in the year!

My rides usually take me out around the back of the Airport, through Kimpton and over to Berkhamstead/Tring/Ashridge via Wheathamstead or head out to Woburn out around the back of Leighton Buzzard out to Aston Clinton etc (usually between 40 and 70 miles dependent on time available) although i am up for change and trying some different routes.

I have almost always ridden solo as friends, as with myself, have had limited time to make themselves available to get out. As with most people time is a precious resource however with notice/forward planning i can get out at some stage over most weekends (Sat and/or Sun afternoons usually) and some evenings during the week.

If anyone is interested please give me a shout either by responding to this subject or via PM.


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Re: Training / Ride Outs Luton / Dunstable area

Postby gazrichards » Sat Mar 09, 2013 10:09 am

Meet up with one of the local clubs.
Cc luton meet at Barton cut on the a6
Leighton buzzard road club meet at energie gym in leighton/linslade
Pedal works in dunstable have a few shop rides. The shop is pretty much town centre.
Icknield club meet in houghton Regis I think
Luton and leighton clubs have some decent riders that ride pretty hard, cc luton especially. They have a good squad of about 5 or 6 2nd and first cats that often train together.

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Re: Training / Ride Outs Luton / Dunstable area

Postby guado78 » Sun Mar 10, 2013 13:01 pm

Hi Gaz,

Thanks for the info, i had planned on getting involved with a club late last year (obviously never did!), the only difficulty is that Sat/Sun Mornings are not usually good for me due to family commitments, although i am sure i can get along to one or two at some stage.

Ideally i suppose i was looking for local people in a similar situation to myself who were interested in meeting up. I am familiar with Pedalworks, i am aware of Icknield and Luton CC and will take a look at what they can offer although i didn't think about Leighton Buzzard.

Thanks and all the best

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