Winter blues? I am just so meh at the moment

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Re: Winter blues? I am just so meh at the moment

Postby SteppenHerring » Mon Nov 05, 2012 19:11 pm

alansd1980 wrote:
SteppenHerring wrote:I can't get motivated either. And I have 7 months to lose a shedload of weight and gain a ton of fitness before taking on the Alps.

This morning, looked out and there was thick fog. Didn't fancy the fast dual carriageway section in low visibility so decided to take the car and hit snooze. The karma fairy, of course, put two massive traffic jams in my way making me extremely late.

We must cross paths at some point, I start in Banstead and go down the A217. This morning wasnt too bad once you were out in it, visability a lot better than 2 weeks ago!

I go across towards Croydon.

But yeah, the fog cleared pretty quickly allowing me a superb view of the jams and roadworks.
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Re: Winter blues? I am just so meh at the moment

Postby Wrath Rob » Mon Nov 05, 2012 23:41 pm

cyclingprop wrote:
Wrath Rob wrote:
cyclingprop wrote:
fossyant wrote:
cyclingprop wrote:Permanently knotted left shoulder. Very sore - currently lying on tennis balls. Not managing to get as many miles in as I need to at the moment :(:(

Go to the GP, get a referral to a pain specialist. Steroid injections worked awesome on my trigger points in my back and trapezius. Other option is a good physio. Had both though. The physio helped, the steroids sorted it.

It's coming to that, I think.

I'm just getting over something very similar. Physio, stretching and specific exercise has worked wonders.

Dr. Rob's recommended cure is a new bike. Nothing like a shiny new toy to motivate you out into the cold and dark! Mine should be arriving in the next couple of week :mrgreen:

what is it>?

I'll start a proper thread when the frame arrives in the LBS on Tuesday/Wednesday and I get to see it. Hopefully it will be mine by the end of next week.
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Re: Winter blues? I am just so meh at the moment

Postby cjcp » Tue Nov 06, 2012 00:24 am

Back on the bike today after nine days off it. Took the bike on holiday with me, but a combination of pants weather and the driving on the IoW being a little, er, faster than you might see in my local lanes, meant I had no desire to get on the bike.

I was supposed to meet up with Benno when I got to Cardiff, but it was wet and cold, and just didn't feel like it. Probably needed the break after some long hours at work.

Lovely to get back on the bike today.
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Re: Winter blues? I am just so meh at the moment

Postby Fat-Boy-Roubaix » Tue Nov 06, 2012 08:56 am

Only 3 months and it is Febuary, can't wait for March with all my winter miles under my belt...

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Re: Winter blues? I am just so meh at the moment

Postby BelgianBeerGeek » Tue Nov 06, 2012 12:22 pm

Cold and frosty this morning, so did a bit of cross-country on the way to work. Just me cutting shapes into frosty grass on the common with the sun coming up. A beautiful day and one that makes you glad to be alive. Shame to have to cut it short to continue to work :(

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Re: Winter blues? I am just so meh at the moment

Postby Koncordski » Tue Nov 06, 2012 12:25 pm

After this thread kicked me back into it i had a decent ride last night on the way home. This morning the winter gear clothing combo fail meant that i dressed for -5 when it was only +1. Beautiful sunny ride to work, soaking wet baselayers by the time I hit the showers. Need to find the thinner merino and take the arms off the gore windstopper. :roll:
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