Knee injury - any advice?

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Re: Knee injury - any advice?

Postby kingrollo » Wed Oct 10, 2012 21:11 pm

Foyzy wrote:Thank you danowat for the first constructive answer. To be quite honest I see little point in going to a GP who will simply give me some Ibroprofen and tell me to take it easy for a couple of weeks because they know little about ITBS.

ITBS is an injury most commonly sustained by cycling or running, and there must be countless people on here who have had it so I am just keen to hear their first hand experiences.

If the GP service was any good people wouldn't come onto forums asking advice. I work in a hospital and get loads of people who come into a+e who shouldn't - but the reason they come to A+E is because they get treated - not fobbed off. I think the exact opposite of poster no 2 - 'Go and see your GP' is possibly the most overrated piece of advice.

The GP however is a necessary evil - you have to get past him or her to get at the treatment (a process that will get much harder over the next few years) .

I honestly think a couple of hours 'googling' and posting on forums - is probably going to yield better results - than that first visit to your GP. Its also better to go to your GP with some idea of what the problem is - just turning up saying your leg hurts will get nothing.

A friend of mine had heel pain for close on 2 years - he's the macho type who doesn't like to go to the doctors - despite having this pain for 2 years the advice from the gp was to 'come back if it doesn't get better' !!!

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Re: Knee injury - any advice?

Postby slowondefy2 » Thu Oct 11, 2012 12:37 pm

A doctor will have far more of a clue than the amateur internet diagnostics you'll get from any web forum. Of course doctors have varying interests, why not ask the receptionist if there's a doctor in the practise with a specific interest in sports injuries? Cycling is a pretty common interest in doctors...

A doctor may well just tell you to take some ibuprofen and rest for 10 days. So what? Do you really think that's all that was going through the doc's mind? If you think this kind of advice means the visit was a waste of time you have no clue about the diagnostic process. The majority of injuries don't need further treatment than this but there's no one better placed than your doctor to know which do and which don't.

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