Will raised stem help bad back ?

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Re: Will raised stem help bad back ?

Postby ilovegrace » Fri Mar 29, 2013 17:26 pm

Found this while doing a Google search , info from Bikeradar.
Stem length
Check your bike fit: usually the fault is that the stem is too short, which then forces you into a hunched-over position. This causes the ligaments and muscles to be overstretched around the back of the spine, and could even lead to a disc bulge pressing on the nerves. If the pain is in the upper back or around the neck and shoulders, it is likely the stem is too long, and putting you in an overstretched position. The other thing to check about the stem is its height – if it’s too low, you’ll stress the lower back.
What is a good and what is a cramped position ?

Where would I measure mine from ?
Seat nose to center of handle bars ?
I would like to post mine to hear any thoughts out there , to be honest I would not know what hunched meant ,
I just bought the bike and ride it.
I was told it fit well at the LBS but were they just after a sale?
It gets you paranoid doesn't it?

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Re: Will raised stem help bad back ?

Postby seanorawe » Wed Apr 03, 2013 15:11 pm

ilovegrace wrote:Just finished a days decorating (again) my daughters bedroom has turned into an epic project.
Lots of things to consider but there seems to be a lot of conflicting views .
I do not want to revert back to hybrid if I can help it ,could drop stem ,seems a bit counter intuitive but I am willing to give anything a try.
Interesting post from spool "if you want the upright posture then your hybrid is the answer, not putting a 60 degree stem on a racing bike". I suppose what i am asking is ,is it possible to have a hybrid posture on a race bike ?
I can feel the tears coming on.

I find bikes are counter intuitive. I cant imagine you can get a hybrid position on a road bike. I found a good Biomechanics physio to do my bike fit for £60. Shop around

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