How old are the newbies to road cycling?

New to Cycling? Want some advice? Start here...
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How old are the newbies to road cycling?

Postby Thebigbee » Thu Apr 14, 2011 21:45 pm

And what are your reasons for picking the sport up?

Also what cylcling / exercise / fitness history do you have?

Finally what bike have you bought / now use?

Interested to know your thoughts - answer as many as you want and give as much history as you want.



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Postby mrobbie » Thu Apr 14, 2011 22:02 pm

Age: 31
Took up cycling to avoid the tube commute to work. It's faster and theoretically cheaper... At the moment it is definitely more expensive. Getting fit and losing a stone or so will be an added bonus.

Previous cycling experience... Used to cycle round my paper round as a kid and do the occasional cycle with the family on hol. Again, this was 15+ years ago so very much just getting into it.

Just waiting to pick up a Trek 1.2 then get stuck into this game properly!
Quite addicted to cycling now....

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Postby Airbornerodent » Thu Apr 14, 2011 22:03 pm

Why? Are you conducting a survey? I'll tell you if you let me enter a free competition.

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Postby Dmak » Thu Apr 14, 2011 22:09 pm

30 going on 12! :D

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Postby unixnerd » Thu Apr 14, 2011 22:21 pm

43 going on 21 :-) - Quality Binoculars at a Sensible Price.
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Postby Thebigbee » Thu Apr 14, 2011 22:36 pm

Airbornerodent wrote:Why? Are you conducting a survey? I'll tell you if you let me enter a free competition.

Am just interested as a newbie myself and generally it seems like one of the more friendly and lucid internet forums.

I can offer you a prize if you really want it and are that protective about a number though?

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Postby TomParker1 » Thu Apr 14, 2011 22:43 pm

I'm 18. I just sort of stumbled into it, went on a bike ride with some friends to enjoy the weather and loved chopping about the country side on a road bike so i'm looking to take it up with a bit of advice from the friendly guys on here.

I used to play a lot of rugby but that died with injuries. I've been doing weights since January 5 times a week but my cardio isn't brilliant so the cycling is as much to improve that and shrug some bad weight then it is just for pleasure.

I'm on the verge of getting an old Peugeot Equipe, though i may blow the bank for something more modern... the problem with being a student; i've got no money!


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Postby GPierotti » Thu Apr 14, 2011 23:01 pm

I'm Gary.......i'm 23........and i'm addicted to cycling.

I do both mountain and road cycling, used to cycle my old mountain bike as a kid (12ish) to local towns to see my mates as i live in a rural place.

Got a Carrera Virtuoso (it's not the best road bike in the world but it's mine)
Love the exercise and the journeys about the countryside as you get a chance to actually see the scenery!
Also love the speed of it on a good smooth road, just feels awesome!!

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Postby OptimisticBiker » Fri Apr 15, 2011 00:04 am

53, been commuting by bike on and off for 10y, mainly to avoid using the tube every day. Used to run, but knees arent happy with that any more... Ran my first marathon at 40 having never run or done any sport before.. got addicted to being outdoors... cant stand gyms... cycling satisfies that urge... and now have a road bike :)
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Postby Wheelspinner » Fri Apr 15, 2011 00:31 am

Hmm... first bike at age 5. Practiced on local tennis court. Nearly a short career not realising the net is strung up on a wire, which was right at neck height as I whistled through.

Second bike at about 9. Still have the scars on the knees from about 473 crashes to and from school every day for years. Rode it till it disintegrated. Bought another with pocket money saved at about 15. Crashed it on day 1. NOT happy.

First racing bike at 19. Did maybe 50,000 miles on it. Found an old pic of it a while back somewhere, what was I thinking - PINK bar tape??? :shock:

Second proper racing bike at 27, big budget finally. Lightweight, very fast, and the most uncomfortable thing I ever rode, just effing horrible. Bought an MTB for fun, quit racing bikes for a while.

Third racing bike in early 40s. Reminded me what I loved about road riding again. Fourth followed soon after, then fifth and sixth. Restored an old steel frame for number 7, which a friend has borrowed and won't return it's that damned good. Bought a TT bike for some stupid reason as number 8. Rode it for 3 months and sold it. Bought another MTB, lotsa fun. Built a single speed to try as number 10, which is a hoot. Still have numbers 3 - 10, except the TT disaster, and assuming one day I get Old Steely back.

No longer race anything, just ride because I love it. Some commuting occasionally, lots of coffee shop tours on days off, and long rides in the hills early on a Sunday morning, because there really is no better way to spend a nice day, is there?

If there's any justice in this world my funeral costs will be paid by Campagnolo. Lord knows they've made enough out of me so far!!! :D

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Postby Thebigbee » Fri Apr 15, 2011 01:54 am

Thanks for all the lucid and intelligent / honest replies guys.

I think the responses so far just prove how eclectic and inclusive this sport is. And once you get the bug it is pretty darn addictive!

I guess on any internet board you will always get 1 troll.

I thank the guys who are interested in the sport and are willing to show their history and age - great job!.

I don't get the Internet when morons bother to read a reasonabke, no threatening query - then seem to take offence and start criticising people.

What is that about?

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Postby Rigged » Fri Apr 15, 2011 03:52 am

Age: 21

Background: I've been into my sports all my life having played football 4 days a week for two separate teams (2 training sessions and 2 games) and then also played almost every breaktime at school and evenings at home as well as various athletics activities and other sports on the side for fun. That was until I was 13 and developed problems with the cartilage in my knee. Initially doctors/physios felt it was at first growing pains then tendon/muscle imbalance so I first rested for 6 months which meant leaving my teams and then began physio to try and address the muscle imbalance. At 15, having had to stop sports all together, I had my first knee operation to remove a fragment of bone loose in the joint and to try and smooth off the damaged cartilage. Just before my 17th birthday I had a similar operation to remove more cartilage. My knees (i've developed similar problems in my left knee but surgery has offered little benefit to the right knee so won't be going through that again) are no longer able to take the impact of running/jumping, if i do these things for a short time i'm left in significant pain and have even resorted crawling on hands and knees later that day to get around the house. I've been going to the gym frequently the last 3 years to try and improve general fitness and well being but recently developed pneumonia twice and have been left with some damage to my lungs meaning reduced capacity and strength as well as having weak leg muscles from the absolute lack of exercise for years. This has given me the recent impetus to get into some serious cardio exercise and to try and maximise the remaining of my lung function and get the muscle back on my legs. I'll never be Mark Cavindesh, nor will I probably even be able to keep up with a local bike club, but I'm pretty determined to be as fit as I can get.

Bike: Currently in the throws of buying my first road bike. Still unsure about how much money to throw at it and whether to self-build for the satisfaction or to buy ready made.

Hopefully that's enough frankness and detail about my situation :)
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Postby Rigged » Fri Apr 15, 2011 03:54 am

oops, double post! Can't get used to this forum layout :oops:

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Postby Pigtail » Fri Apr 15, 2011 05:04 am

Age 49

Started as part of a weight loss regime and the bike has become more important than the weight loss.

I have always cycled, had a big old-fashioned traditional bike as a teenager that I hated. Road bike as a student that was my main means of transport.

Various bikes, mainly mountain bikes over the last ten years or so. Used for family cycling, generally pretty flat and off-road, often canal paths and converted railway lines. In October I built up my mileage as part of my changed lifestyle and bought a road bike.

I've done a mix of exercise cycle in the gym and road cycling over the winter as training and have entered two sportives, first one the Etape Caledonia. In February I sold my car, added mudguards to my mountain bike and started commuting. (only 2 miles each way)

Bikes a 2010 Specialized allez elite and a 2007 Carrera Vulcan.


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Postby pauldavid » Fri Apr 15, 2011 06:18 am

I'm 39

Started to gain fitness and lose weight, not that this is a necessity as I am perfectly in shape, it's just that this years shape is pear.

Rode a bike as a kid and that's abput it really, not exactly sport billy.

Just bought a Giant DEFY 3.5 and am very happy with it. Just need to get faster now.

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Postby noiseboyfeetman » Fri Apr 15, 2011 06:24 am

Aged 34, had my road bike just over a year. Used to have a "racer" when I was younger and in a cycle club for a very brief period and entered a few races however wasn't all that keen on the competitiveness side of it, if anything I think that put me off at that age.

Then moved to mountain bikes, purely for pleasure.

As previously said, I got my road bike for commuting when I don't need the car for work and for exercise as basically I hadn't done any for the last 5 years or so and only minimal before that.

I'm really enjoying the cycling again do a 14 miles round trip to and from work a few times a week and 7 miles to work and 35 miles home at least once a week.

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Postby nmcgann » Fri Apr 15, 2011 06:34 am

Pigtail wrote:Age 49

Started as part of a weight loss regime and the bike has become more important than the weight loss.

+1, 49 now. Started aged 43, overweight and very unfit. I hadn't touched a bike since I was 16 and had no history of sport.

I bought a Spesh Sirrus hybrid triple, lost a bit of weight, joined the old Cycling+ forum :wink: Built a road bike (planet-x kaffenback) and joined the local cycling club riding with the slowest group. The first ride out with them was the first time I'd done over 50 miles :? I did a bit of audaxing up to 200k, got a bit fitter, but still only rode mostly at the weekend.

About 4 years back the obsession really took hold. I decided I needed to be lighter and fitter so I bought a turbo trainer and started doing 3x 1hour sessions after work midweek. I lost 3 stones in 6 months doing that (+ eating a bit less) and the combination of weightloss and training made me quite a bit faster on the bike - I moved up a group with the cycling club 8)

Things then got worse when I did a 10 mile TT with the club. I can't remember exactly what I did, probably around 28-29mins, but it really hooked me and inspired me to start training seriously. I got a coach who taught me about structured training and the various sessions I needed to do. I did lots of training :? Moved up another group with the cycling club 8) 8) forward over the last 2 years.... I've got a Planet-X Pro Road Ti as my nice bike, a cheapo ally road bike with mudguards as my winter bike (an Ambrosio Guido frame with 105 bits), an old Giant TCR Aero as my TT bike (plus a s/h Planet-X Stealth SL carbon frame that I will transplant in at some point) and the good old Spesh Sirrus as my town bike when I want to wear normal shoes. All my bikes are still 9-speed (which helps with swapping wheels around) as I have never really felt the need for more and I don't suffer from "shiny toy" lust :roll: [apart from the Ti - although I did damage the previous frame and the Ti frame was on special offer, so I have an excuse]

I love being fit and slim, so that is still my main motivation for cycling. It's all to do with riding a bike fast for me, touring or just pottering about just doesn't appeal. I probably train 8-9 hours a week all year round and race open TTs most weekends may-september. I can pretty reliably get myself into the top 50% of the field in ordinary opens, but I can see where I lie in the cycle racing ability scale - just average club level.

It'll do though :)

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Postby f_rederik » Fri Apr 15, 2011 06:45 am

Turning 32 I splashed out on a carbon cyclocross as a bike upgrade last fall. Previous bike was a really old hybrid and I 'treated myself' with a bit of excessive spending.

Wasn't that into cycling, but do some running and squash.

Using the carbon wonder for commuting when it's nice and dry and occasionally some longer rides with friends - for fun :-)

Not really using it as a cyclocross, since I ride mainly on roads, and pretty fast changed the tires into slicks rather than the 35mm studded once that the bike came with.

Too worried about the bike to use it during winter / bad weather with grit and dirt and everything, I have just bought a single speed road bike as a wet weather bike ;-) Fitted it with mudguards, lights etc so it is no longer café chic, but really a steel machine workhorse. With a relatively flat journey it works a treat. And of course, it is much more fun to overtake other commuters without gears! Let the legs do the talking!

Still struggling hard not to give it a full throttle during my commute, but finding it great to avoid the queues. Although temperatures in Norway aren't that great, as long as there is no ice it's just a matter of putting some extra clothes on!
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shane r
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Postby shane r » Fri Apr 15, 2011 06:56 am


See my recent thread 'out of the boat and onto the road'

Seems like most of the blokes I know who have just hit 40 have bought a road bike- particularly ex-footballers.

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Postby MarcBC » Fri Apr 15, 2011 07:10 am

Started again properly 4 months ago after a 30 yr lay off. Former track and time trial racer.

I have a lot of time on my hands and needed something to get fit, lose weight (that has not worked yet) and improve mental attitude.

Current bikes: 2011 Trek Madone 5.9; 2011 Orbea Aqua T105 and 2008 Scott Scale 20 MTB (with about 200 miles on it since new :oops: )

I have joined the local cycling club and get out about twice a week with them. First sportive last Sunday.

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