How old are the newbies to road cycling?

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Re: How old are the newbies to road cycling?

Postby j.higson » Thu Feb 21, 2013 18:53 pm


having had a long time away from the sport i got a bike to commute to work and back (stupidly bought a mountain bike) and as this got easier and easier as i got fitter I started riding to uni and back, 25 miles a day. I then bought a road bike and I'm now entering 100 mile rides and trying to join a riding club, if i have the spare time. I also have degenerative knee problems in both knees where the cartalidge is near as dammit completely gone, however the doctors said I should take up a sport such as cycling as it will help with the growth and repair of my knees. Even thou it will never go away as it is a form of degenerative arthritis the cycling is winning the battle!

As stated I am rather fit now but before i took up cycling again i couldnt even do half a mile without being out of breath, my weight went from a nice 14 stone to nearly 17 stone (im 6ft4) so i thought it best to do something about it. I got back on a bike and, BAM, back to just over 14 stone and loosing even more so im super happy with how fit and toned im looking (ego getting the better of me there). like i said i do a lot of riding, im not sure if its a lot compared to others but its a lot for me, where i do 25 miles a day monday to thursday, a ten mile ride on friday and from this weekend forth a 30 - 40 mile ride on sundays, so around the 140-150 miles a week range of riding.

finally, i originally bought a carrera vengence mountain bike for commuting and soon realised it weighed the same as a small car and was just dreadful on the roads. saved up and last weekend bought myself and 2013 Specialized Allez road bike and am in love with it.
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Re: How old are the newbies to road cycling?

Postby Slo Mo Jones » Fri Feb 22, 2013 16:13 pm

32. Last rode a bike when I was in primary school. Haven't really done a jot of exercise in years.

Wiggins, Cav and co cycled past my house on the Olympic road race, and I thought I'd give it a go.

Bought a road bike in January, target is the London-Surrey 100 in August.
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Re: How old are the newbies to road cycling?

Postby CStar » Mon Feb 25, 2013 23:55 pm

46, Ex Army, rugby player, then ref, then not very much.

Got into running about 7 years ago after hating it when younger. Did London Marathon twice in three years, but family life got in the way of training. Cycled in London occasionally and then moved to Barcelona for a year where I used the Bicing (Boris-style only lighter and faster, therefore better) bikes and got into commuting by bike. Back to UK last year and found a job that didn't require fighting my way into and out of London every day, so bought a lovely Trek 7.5FX hybrid to commute on. Did 1200 miles in 8 months commuting and will do over 2000 this year I reckon. Like going from driving a 1980's Landrover to driving a modern Focus today. Still running lots and doing the odd duathlon, but have now outgrown the hybrid in fitness terms and am picking up a Specialized Secteur bought off Bike Radar this weekend :-) Now for some decent weather, please. 8)
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Re: How old are the newbies to road cycling?

Postby Juantwothreefour » Thu Feb 28, 2013 22:33 pm

22. Been running for a long time and love endurance sport so thought I'd give this a go!
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Re: How old are the newbies to road cycling?

Postby beachnut » Fri Mar 01, 2013 17:43 pm

59 going on 29...
Lucky to be a kid when you could cycle miles as a 10 year old without worrying about too many cars and trucks and the other issues of today.
Always did sport - played soccer and squash to a good level and now tennis.
Pretty fit for my age and taking care of my joints so no impact stuff now except for tennis match play.
I have three cycles - touring, MTB and road, the road is a new addition as I have never had one before - something old and interesting, a 531 Holdsworth criterion with Shimano flightdeck and other enhancements - seems really quick over the tarmac and after a little set up work with seat and bars is very comfortable. Will be looking for tips and advice on here!
Looking forward to some warmer weather and until then gym training on cycle/rowing and cross trainer and tennis match play around 4 hours a week.
Have a great set of cycling mates who are younger (and fitter) - we make regular trips over to France every year for 200 mile long weekend jaunts - brilliant fun.
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Re: How old are the newbies to road cycling?

Postby mpatts » Wed Mar 06, 2013 14:37 pm

I'm 36.

I had a 5 year hiatus from mountain biking as I started to not enjoy it as much - so for christmas I bought myself a steel fixie - done 600+ miles on it so far, I love it!

First sportive in a week or so too.....can't wait.
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Re: How old are the newbies to road cycling?

Postby iamcami » Fri Mar 08, 2013 07:11 am


used to cycle a LOT when i was a kid. was a MTB but id do like 15 miles a day to school and back. and roughly ten when id go and see my gran at least once a week. not a lot when u think about it as an adult. but a fair bit for a kid. i think thats where i got a love for cycling i guess. that was primary school. in high school i only cycled recreationally. just whenever. maybe once a week. i broke my femur round about then so maybe stopped for a yr or 2 but got back in to it when i was about 15. since school it's kinda been the same (recreational, wknd etc) but i always get out once a week minimum. this has always been mountain bikes.

id never even considered a road bike till recently. i live in a city now and am always getting passed by road bikes on the roads so i tried one and i just flew along the roads. i was shocked at the speed difference. hills that took effort on the moutain bike were pretty easy on the road one. so iv bought one, today. looking forward to getting back out on it tomorrow. just need to think of a destination :)
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Re: How old are the newbies to road cycling?

Postby Jwleggett » Fri Mar 08, 2013 11:59 am


Been riding a track bike around London for around 4 years, but got my first geared road bike in December. Absolutely loving it might I add! Still ride fixed for the odd commute or beat around town, and use the road bike for training.
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Re: How old are the newbies to road cycling?

Postby Bunker Spreckels » Sat Mar 09, 2013 08:26 am

41 when i started... So addictive. Started on a mountain bike, now a trek Madone 4.5 as first road bike... Sport's a wonderful money pit!
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Re: How old are the newbies to road cycling?

Postby Specialized_Nick » Sat Mar 09, 2013 23:59 pm

24, Bought my 1st road bike in January and not looked back since 8)
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Re: How old are the newbies to road cycling?

Postby antnee2013 » Sun Mar 10, 2013 21:36 pm

65 And though just started these last few years after a long break of some 45 years I started again mostly because I was deemed unfit to drive purely medical reasons though! Just a few weeks ago got a road bike after having a trek hybrid for 6 months and having enjoyed riding that thought I would like to try road biking proper on a nice cheap light bike to see if I would get back into it just for the exercise really and now perhaps can't wait for the better weather to come along.
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Re: How old are the newbies to road cycling?

Postby markrst1 » Mon Mar 11, 2013 09:55 am

Hi im Mark 33 from Berkshire ive been road cycling for about 8 months now and loving it. I commute to work everyday on a Hybrid after selling my car. Have joined here as i have been informed its full of friendly helpful advice. Am also selling some items so looking for a wider audience before putting them on the dreaded flea bay ! Nice to meet you all.
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Re: How old are the newbies to road cycling?

Postby FergySteve » Wed Mar 13, 2013 09:20 am

29 and bought a bike last year when I decided I wanted to give triathlon a go. I had to go away for 6 months with work, so only managed to do a short sprint distance and a handful of training rides. Looking forward to getting some more under my belt this year.
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Re: How old are the newbies to road cycling?

Postby paul1275s » Wed Mar 13, 2013 14:27 pm

42, Mountain Biking since 1985, a bit of Roady stuff when I was 18-20 years old, just bought a road bike for a bit of variety and the fun of the chaingang! About five or six of my buddies who have also been long term mountain bikers have also taken the plunge.
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Re: How old are the newbies to road cycling?

Postby xchudy_1325 » Wed Mar 13, 2013 17:08 pm

27 complete novice here

and technically i havent hit the road yet, little bit of cycling on a cheap MTB but that doesnt count, but next cpl of weeks will see me purchase a road bike and start racking up the miles!
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Re: How old are the newbies to road cycling?

Postby NorthWales » Wed Mar 13, 2013 21:36 pm

Age 37.

Started about 6 months ago and on my way to losing 3 stone :)
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Re: How old are the newbies to road cycling?

Postby bokawel » Thu Mar 14, 2013 12:42 pm


Been biking alot 20 years ago then stopped. Started bike commuting since October. Will do a sportive and a charity ride this year.
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Re: How old are the newbies to road cycling?

Postby 47p2 » Thu Mar 14, 2013 15:43 pm

56 and back on the road after a 20+ year break. Not as easy as I thought but determined to get there.

Used to cycle 250 miles a week just for fun, then a change in career meant I had to give it up. My old steel bike and older stiff legs don't seem to work the way they used to, so instead of pushing 52/40 front and 11/19 rear I think it is time to admit defeat and buy a new freewheel... :(
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Re: How old are the newbies to road cycling?

Postby pmsurrage » Sun Mar 17, 2013 13:41 pm

46 going to die
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Re: How old are the newbies to road cycling?

Postby Vandiesel » Wed Mar 20, 2013 17:24 pm

Hello Peeps,
52 in July going but still fell 35! All this 2 wheel stuff is very new to me being a petrol head! Diagnosed recently with a cholesrol of 8.4 the Doc recomended I do some excercise! So, I stumbled accross a Giant TCR 3 that caught my eye and here I am! Looking forward to many miles of enjoyment and a lowere cholestrol too..
Really good site btw :wink:
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