How old are the newbies to road cycling?

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Re: How old are the newbies to road cycling?

Postby andrewsteels » Tue Jul 16, 2013 18:59 pm

Hello all,

I'm 36, about 18 stone and 6 foot 6 so not your average cyclist !! Started this year, picked up a giant defy 3 through the work cycle scheme. Played amateur football for the best part of 20 years and the injuries started to add up so in the end i needed some other exercise. Really liking getting out and seeing some beautiful countryside and losing some weight.

Doing a charity ride at the end of august from London back home to Hull so time in the saddle is all i'm aiming for !!

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Re: How old are the newbies to road cycling?

Postby hagr182 » Tue Jul 16, 2013 21:58 pm

23, turning 24 next month, Im 1.94 meters tall and weight 105 kilos, so not your average cyclist either. I began because last year I was introduced to running, coming from zero physical activity for 5+ years I finished my first marathon last march (and lost 30 kilos training for it, I used to be 135 kilos). Feeling unstopable (but with average to a little slow running times) I decided I wanted to do triathlons.

My goal was to complete the Cozumel 2013 ironman 70.3, my coach said due to my condition if I trained hard it was doable, so I bought my first roadbike last November, a $700 alubike (I was originally gonna go for a Cervelo S3, BUT even tough I had saved for it, I decided to get a basic bike with good parts (the alubike has all shimano 105 parts and mavic wheels) so I could learn and develop my skills and in 5 years time go for a pro bike that fits my needs and style).

But due to graduation, and my eventual work as a corporate lawyer, I was unable to train as Id liked and pretty much began seriously training last may.

Now I am more or less good with swimming and running, but getting on my firts 50 km ride ( I could do 30s no problem before) I realized I needed time to get used to the position, time to learn to use my bike properly and more importantly, develop more strenght to support my back on long rides. So now, if God permits, I am gonna do Cozumel 2014. I need to learn a lot and more importantly ride more.

However Now I train 3 times a week ( I have to alternate running and swimming after all!), 1 of those being a long saturday ride. Cycling has me hooked and I want to develop as a cyclist as well!

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Re: How old are the newbies to road cycling?

Postby jevo » Wed Jul 17, 2013 21:06 pm

Age 37

I bought a Claude Butler Hybrid a couple of years ago and mainly did trail riding with the odd commute to work and back which was 11 miles each way (fair weather cyclist). I recently purchased a Boardman road race bike and have now become nigh on addicted! (although probably still fair weather). I keep trying to drag mates out but it gets a bit tedious when they have to keep getting off to push up hills.

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Re: How old are the newbies to road cycling?

Postby alxce » Sun Jul 21, 2013 07:52 am

alxce wrote:I have just turned 60 and used to do a lot of road biking in my teens/twenties but then lapsed until I got an MTB while living in the U.S. That was ten years ago and it didn't get an awful lot of use to be honest. Over the last year I have had both knees completely replaced so got back on the MTB to help build all the muscles back up and found myself enjoying it so much I decided it would be a good idea to get back on a road bike.
I have been doing about 10 miles daily on the MTB so I was thinking this is good training for the road bike and have to admit a little added impetus came from both TDF and the Olympic velodrome. I used to be pretty fit and was a regular at a gym but dropped that a couple of years back hoping that other things would compensate. Subsequent weight gains and a general feeling of not fit for purpose show that to be a myth, although I would hold up three years with knackered knees as a partial excuse.

After extensive research, exhaustive spec/price comparisons and an education on modern bikes I picked up a Giant Defy Composite 2 last Friday and I am absolutely loving it. Saturday morning I took it out for the first time and 16 miles later I felt like I had been transported back in time about forty years. Just waiting for my shoes to arrive and will then be learning cleats all over again. I really hope the shoes have improved because the last ones I had (many decades ago) made it feel like the cleat was trying to bore a hole in your foot once you stepped off the bike. It's my lasting memory of them along with falling off a few times!

Update 17/8.
Shoes arrived, SPDs installed and tested on driveway for safe exit. Turns out I have a tendency to unclip my left foot first which made me feel comfortable from the outset as I drive off with the right. Just been out for a 12 mile test run and deliberately included lots of junctions etc., where I knew unclipping might be necessary. It's a lot like driving a car really, you just have to focus on anticipating what comes next. Do that and the foot is out before you get into trouble. Have a little soreness from the right knee but that was the one replaced end of May and still needs a little hardening up. Need a longer run to determine if the SPD needs adjusting.

Great to be back :D :D

So, nearly a year later and I went through the 2000 miles mark yesterday. I have enjoyed most of those miles immensely in all weather conditions apart from the odd puncture and impatient motorist.
It has been almost as much fun buying all manner of cycling stuff (mostly clothing) along the way and that includes picking up a nice, shiny new Felt F6 to go with the Giant.
My average speed has gone up nicely to around 16 mph on a 20 mile ride but my only disappointment is that I haven't lost a great deal of weight and that's probably because I enjoy my food and drink a little too much. Despite that I am feeling a lot healthier and get up every morning looking forward to getting back out there.

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Re: How old are the newbies to road cycling?

Postby PaulieB85 » Sun Jul 21, 2013 21:23 pm

28. Moved to the city so decided to get a roadie alongside my MTB. I like the speed difference :))

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Re: How old are the newbies to road cycling?

Postby y2blade » Mon Jul 22, 2013 21:06 pm

Hello all...I'm 38 8)
I'm New to road biking although have been riding MTB (and BMX before them) since I was a child..

Picked up my first Road bike last Thurs evening, and tbh wish I'd got one sooner.
Have done about 80miles on it already.

I'm Well and truly hooked.

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Re: How old are the newbies to road cycling?

Postby y9y9 » Tue Jul 23, 2013 10:31 am

I'm 21, decided to get a road bike with a friend of mine for weekend and evening rides.

Used to play football, golf, tennis and other activities weekly but work seems to have gotten in the way and everything stopped. Always wanted to start up road cycling but never really wanted to do it alone, so when a friend suggested taking it up we both bought starter bikes to see how we like it.

I bought a Viking Scirocco in yellow. I know it's not to everyone's taste but I much prefer starting out on a cheaper bike. Alot of older people I know have Pinarellos and S-Works bikes, so I'm sure I will want all the gear if I go riding with them. :D

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Re: How old are the newbies to road cycling?

Postby trappy666 » Wed Jul 24, 2013 15:32 pm

Newbie here, 29 years of age, approx 90kg and 6 foot 1.

Been riding MTB for a good 15-20 years and decided that it was time to move on to the road as I want to start raising money for charity and what better way than to jump on a bike and get some exerciser and see some beautiful scenery. Trying to give up smoking in order to improve my fitness.

Currently looking into getting my first road bike but it's not going to be an expensive one as I'm currently at Uni but something that I can upgrade easily.

Ridgeway Swiss
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Re: How old are the newbies to road cycling?

Postby Ridgeway Swiss » Sun Jul 28, 2013 21:08 pm

43yrs old. Been riding an MTB for last 7yrs although not that seriously. Biked to work for 6yrs although that was yrs ago and prior to that I used do some road biking.

Main motivation is fitness ie today I have a severe lack of it, oh and the removal of a few odd kgs....

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Re: How old are the newbies to road cycling?

Postby jimbogarner » Mon Jul 29, 2013 22:09 pm

I'm 23, I have been cycling for my entire life, however, I am looking to take the plunge into getting a road bike! I think it will be a major shock to the system to start off with after years of upright cycling :wink: ! However, hopefully as I gradually build up to longer times and faster speeds hopefully it will become second nature to me.

Bob Snephew
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Re: How old are the newbies to road cycling?

Postby Bob Snephew » Wed Jul 31, 2013 10:20 am

50 (gulp!)

For many years no formal exercise, though fairly active lifestyle: prior to that, running and occasional football. Gave up football as I moved away from the informal team that I was part of, and running due to shin splints and middle aged resignation to my fate.

Cycled to school as a kid: only occasional leisure rides.

Got a cheap hybrid a couple of years ago for leisure rides with family, realised that I was using it mainly on my own for road rides, so just bought a second hand Specialised Allez.

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Re: How old are the newbies to road cycling?

Postby wrenny » Wed Jul 31, 2013 16:11 pm

46...i`m not a roadie, been into mtb for a couple of years. I bought a bike for knocking about local canals and summer pub rides etc but quickly got addicted and started getting a bit more adventurous with trips to Glentress, Cannock etc. I also do a fair bit of hillwalking (Lakes, Snowdonia, Peaks) and thought a bit of cycling would help keep me fit between trips, but the cycling seems to have taken over. Prior to that i`d not had a bike since i had one knicked on a school art trip when i was about 15.

Thinking of getting a road bike as Notts is hardly a mtb mecca and i`m getting a little bored of riding the same local trails. I dont mind chucking the bike in the back of the car but it`s nice to just go for a quick ride after work and there are many more roads than trails in the world..

I stumbled on this thread last night...was feeling really lethargic after work but some of the stories were so inspiring i chucked my shorts on and went for a quick blast out...which i thoroughly enjoyed

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Re: How old are the newbies to road cycling?

Postby pete.b » Sun Aug 04, 2013 19:09 pm

i`m 48, started biking a couple of years ago, as my friend was a runner and has bad knees,so he looked for an alternative exercise, so started road biking, which got me going too. i used to work weights for many years, but started to get a few aches & strains, so stated circuit training a couple of times a week........(5 years ago) which i love.
but i have really got the bug for road bikes, i love it, we go out twice a week, short one in the week (25/30 miler) &
try for a 50 miles over the weekend.

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Re: How old are the newbies to road cycling?

Postby MikeyJ7 » Mon Aug 05, 2013 22:07 pm

59 going on 29. I have pretty much always had a bike of some description my whole life. But at age 40 took up inline skating instead and at age 50 got into competitive inline speed skating on a national level until I retired from that 5 years ago because it just hurt too much. So I went back to cycling. Currently riding a 2007 Specialized Allez Expert.
I'm riding 60 km two to three times a week with an occasional 70 or 80 thrown in.

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Re: How old are the newbies to road cycling?

Postby Snuddi » Tue Aug 06, 2013 00:38 am

Hello. I am 40 years old from Iceland and just got my first Road bike. I bought Focus Izalco Pro 2.0 Di2 and love it. I am 176cm and 90kg and my backgrounds for the last years have been Boot Camp and Crossfit. I compted in Tough Mudder in London this May and hurt my shoulder so I have not been able to train like I used to. So I found cycling to be good alternitive to keep in shape. Now I just have to loose some of my weight and move power from the upper body to the legs and I will be good to go :)

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Baby Trek
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Re: How old are the newbies to road cycling?

Postby Baby Trek » Tue Aug 06, 2013 19:54 pm

I started about one and a half years ago now - so 38 at the time. Not sure why I started but I had been running at the time and got up to half marathon distance, but started having problems with big toe joints. My husband had a road bike that had barely been used for years and I got frustrated with it being in the way and kept asking him to drop the saddle so I could do some cycling training on it with his turbo. He never did, so one day I did instead! I did not get many rides in on it before he started talking about me getting my own! Not looked it!
Bought a Trek from our good old local bike shop Stanley Fearns - they were so helpful and gave you time. Loved my bike from the minute I got on it. Since then I have worked my way up and have done several 100 milers, did Derbyshire to the Lake District in two days (160 miles total), been round the TT course on Isle of Man and done some of the Cols in France this year too!
I am saving up for a Carbon next!

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Re: How old are the newbies to road cycling?

Postby tiglon84 » Thu Aug 08, 2013 19:35 pm

I'm 28, about 5ft 10 and about 65-70 kilos max, so very slim. Bought my first road bike (my first since I was 12 anyway!), a second hand Merida Race Lite 900 last week and have done about 150 miles so far in 4 journeys. The only proper exercise I've had in the last 2 years is one game of tennis, and I haven't ridden a bike for at least 8 years,

I decided to start cycling due to spontaneously signing up for a charity London to Paris ride in October. It's been bloody hard work so far, so I have a lot of respect for those much older and heavier who are getting into it!

P.S. if anyone fancies sponsoring me, visit ;)

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Re: How old are the newbies to road cycling?

Postby Iand-83 » Thu Aug 08, 2013 20:19 pm

I am looking to join the road bike side moving over from mountain bike dark side! I am 30 and probably going to be buying a Giant Defy 2 in the sale at the Giant stores.

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Re: How old are the newbies to road cycling?

Postby razocaine_07 » Sat Aug 10, 2013 09:59 am

Im 29, got a Trek 1.2 for my last birthday. (my first road bike) Used to do athletics between the ages of 13 and 18 before suffering with ill health for about 10 years. Anyway, being about 3 stone overweight I have got into cycling as a way of regaining my fitness. Hoping to join a club and get back to enjoying exercise.

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Re: How old are the newbies to road cycling?

Postby macroadie » Sat Aug 10, 2013 14:32 pm

I'm intermediate (700miles)
36 years old
I was mountain biking and my friend lent me a steel road bike and I was hooked.
I now have a CAD supersix and Felt F5
Goals: Yearly charities MS150, TourDeCure 60 and crit race after 6 months

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