Leg Warmers or Bib Tights

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Re: Leg Warmers or Bib Tights

Postby drlodge » Thu Nov 29, 2012 09:45 am

Was out last night and this morning, nearly freezing. Wore both leg warmers with shorts (first, on the legs), then some not-quite-skin-tight leggings which are pretty good. Legs stayed nice and warm, wouldn't be the case just with one or the other. So when it gets cold - use both!
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Re: Leg Warmers or Bib Tights

Postby marshall_a » Thu Nov 29, 2012 19:21 pm

I've got short legs so have given up on tights, never found a pair which felt right, but do have a couple of pairs of 3/4's that I wear from time to time usually on the MTB. This year however I've gone for a pair of thermal shorts (assos T.607) with leg warmers, so no folding up at the bottom, knees in the wrong place etc. etc. so find it miles better for me.
£20 replacing a pair of leg warmers was also cheaper than a new pair of tights after putting a big hole in one of the knees after a recent off as well.

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Re: Leg Warmers or Bib Tights

Postby InkZ » Thu Nov 29, 2012 20:55 pm

Deffo tights. Don't get a cold back and they don't fall down :P

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