Joining a club = daunting!

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Re: Joining a club = daunting!

Postby kilo » Wed Mar 06, 2013 17:40 pm

Can anyone recommend any clubs in South/South East London / Kent area?

Looking at Anerley CC and Addiscombe CC at the mo.



dulwich paragon

both have a good reputation
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Re: Joining a club = daunting!

Postby SecretSam » Thu Mar 07, 2013 17:04 pm

Mikey23 wrote:@nferrar... Yup thanks, it is advertised as a 12 with the stated aim of riding around that speed. They also have a 14 and a 16 going out on different routes with different leaders. It seems that they have grown up together and got fit together and don't want to split up or move on to a more challenging group which is fine for them but makes it difficult to break into. Unfortunately, there are some vocal ones who start to get arsey when you mention such stuff to them or on their website

Then they can fcuk off, frankly - what a bunch of bell ends
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Re: Joining a club = daunting!

Postby Danlikesbikes » Thu Mar 07, 2013 17:38 pm

Mikey23 wrote:My experience of my local club has been mixed. Not particularly local but the biggest in the area by far, and from their website a very friendly bunch of people apart from a couple of rissoles but I think you will always get that.

The slowest of their groups is 12 and their routes are well set out in advance and well marshalled so you know what you are getting and you can work out the suitability of the ride and knowing that you will be riding with 30 plus

Been three times with them in the last year and never yet managed to complete a ride. On the most recent occasion I was doing 12 uphill and into a headwind and still being overtaken and left by the group and catching up at the several regroup points. And yes people were shepherding me at the back but there was an vibe that I picked up that I was holding up their ride. Then when it got to the hilly loop it was put to me that I might not be able to cope and it might be a good point to turn back. So I did and fortunately another guy who knew the area also turned back and helped me home. There were nine guys on that route and they all did 13.5 up to 14 plus on a 12 ride over 50. I'm pretty fit but 60 plus and not quite such a confident rider. I'm wondering whether I should persist or look for another group

Honest answer - look for another group, they sound like a right bunch of..... well lets just say not that welcoming.
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