Article: Pro bike: Thor Hushovd's Cervélo R3 Paris-Roubaix

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Article: Pro bike: Thor Hushovd's Cervélo R3 Paris-Roubaix

Postby r3bike » Wed Jan 04, 2012 13:40 pm

Hello bikeradar Team,

I'm writing to you on behalf of a very interesting article that you wrote in 2010. ... aix-25692/

I got a nasty problem with a stolen bike. It's one of these, which you described.

I contacted everybody I know. No result.

Of course I will try to cut the long story, which led me here, as short as possible.

I literally loved my R3 Roubaix. I was extremely happy to buy it from private. I owned the bike for nearly one month and rode ca. 1000km in those 4 weeks. Not much!

In the first week of October - the season was just over - I was going to grease the fork. My home-grease is OK, but I only wanted the "best" for my wonderful R3.
That's why I left the bike for few hours over one night in the local bike shop. The owner was some sort of a mate for me. I really trusted him. As I was extremely busy at that time, I asked him to grease it for me. He agreed.
The other morning I got a call. My bike was stolen!!
I would say about myself that I normally keep my nerves if a situation gets bad. But this was one of the hardest punches in my face in my whole life. I could think of few worse material losses.
The worst of all was that after 3 months of police investigation it appears that this wasn’t an “ordinary” theft of my bike. This makes it a financial and personal loss.
If so, his insurance will of course not cover any damages or losses. So, I will get my monetary compensation from him in person.

Sadly, I neither got a bill (the bike has been sold with handshake) nor got I any information about the details of the bike. I'm not looking for a assessment, I only look for someone who knew that bike and confirms that this was a real unique piece. Against his knowledge, the store owner just says that this was a simple used R3 and offers 2000 Euro, which seems to be some sort of bad joke.
To be honest, I would most of all like to get my bike back. I loved it! :)
However, as long as that seems impossible, I will try to get at least (partly) coverage of my monetary losses to get another bike.

So, my question is:
I see that you know the bike at issue. Are you able to provide any more data or do you have contact to somebody, who would confirm, what exactly it was?
It would be truly great if you could help me there.

Be that as it may, no matter if you can help me or not, I would love to hear from you.
(I have already contacted James Huang at ,,,,,, , but haven’t received an answer yet.)

Thanks in advance and best wishes from Germany,


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