Bespoke Brompton (Arctic Blue and Apple Green) Stolen(UCL)

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Bespoke Brompton (Arctic Blue and Apple Green) Stolen(UCL)

Postby Aweeflower » Sat Jan 21, 2012 02:19 am

Bespoke Type P6 Arctic Blue and Apple Green Brompton stolen from UCL London! Thief cut off the locked bike in a prominent place and posted this ad on gumtree! ... n/94956259

Please help to spread the word or look around for it! Very unique colour. Not common. Full of indignation of such cruel acts!

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Re: Bespoke Brompton (Arctic Blue and Apple Green) Stolen(UC

Postby dilemna » Sat Feb 18, 2012 21:36 pm

Pic of brompton in the ad does not match your colour scheme.

My 1st Brompton L6 was knicked from outside Senate House right under a security camera and secured with a New York D lock to a Sheffield stand. Nearly the worst day of my life. No one saw anything, the camera wasn't working and the police weren't interested. They refused to allow me to take it into Senate house so the only time it was out of sight and left alone, it was taken. Still gutted even 8 years later.
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