2 bikes stolen from Selly Oak in Birmingham

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2 bikes stolen from Selly Oak in Birmingham

Postby pjfm » Fri Sep 28, 2012 13:18 pm

Hi guys,

My white Raleigh Airlite 200 with blue trim and my housemate's cream fixed gear surly steamroller were both stolen from inside our house in the Selly Oak area of Birmingham in the early hours of Wednesday 26th September 2012...

If anyone sees them around or notices them online please please could you let me know? The Raleigh has non-standard pedals, a waterbottle cage and housing for a trip computer. There is also a chip on the rear fork.

The Raleigh was my pride and joy, I worked all summer to get the money to buy it an I'm devastated someone took it literally from under my nose!

Thanks so much for reading

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Re: 2 bikes stolen from Selly Oak in Birmingham

Postby smithy05 » Mon Nov 05, 2012 11:22 am

Sorry to hear about your bikes, I live in Selly Oak as well so will keep an eye out. Were the bikes in your bedroom? I will make sure I am extra safe leaving mine in my room now, this has worried me!

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