Logistics of towing a bike and a trailer?!

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Logistics of towing a bike and a trailer?!

Postby uncleCoco » Mon Aug 04, 2008 11:48 am

Hi there!

My son (7) has been cycling with me to his school for over a year now, and as he goes to an afterschool club via minibus (rather than cycling home), I'd just tow his bike home on my way back from work using my trusty trailgator tow bar. Perfect! Until now...

My daughter (4) starts school in September, and can't cycle yet. I'd like to take her on a trailer, but that leaves me with the dilemma of getting my son's bike home...

So, aside from any alternative solutions, my question to current trailer users is this: is it feasible to transport a childs bike (20" wheels) on a trailer? (I'm thinking... dump it on, strap it down!)

Suggestions/thoughts appreciated!


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Postby stumpyjon » Sat Sep 13, 2008 20:26 pm

You might be better with a tag along. We've got an Edingburgh Cycle Coop tag along with 20" wheel which folds and would easily fit in our Burley CUb trailer.

Bike's probably going to be lighter than a 4 year old as well.
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