cycle gloves/mits for a 2 year old

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Postby fuuubike » Thu Aug 16, 2012 09:36 am

ndru wrote:I didn't mean to lecture anyone.
I am just amazed that parents seem to be so overprotective. I remember grazings, cuts and bruises was part of the childhood, and integral part - you learned to avoid thing that caused them and they made you tougher. But if parents feel it's better to wrap their kids in pillow - hey who am I to lecture them. I'll let my sons run free and learn from their mistakes though.

I'm sure you let them play with fire/kitchen ovens then, they will learn from their mistakes?

Learning from mistakes does not apply.

Hand scrapes suck, no one learns from falling off from injuries, they learn from falling.

Hitting a hand with gloves on is going to hurt a child enough (plus anything else that gets hit). Putting them through a graze that takes ages to heal because its in an actively used place, that is likely to get rubbed, picked and knocked, not to mention possibly infected...

Yes, I came here just to say ndru is a bit of a twonk.

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