How many bikes in your household?

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How many bikes in your household?

Postby zebra67 » Tue Aug 10, 2010 19:50 pm

This is a thread for saddos (like me :D ).
Would anyone like to compare?
It's getting rather crowded in the garage again, we have:

(2) My Hybrid, road bike
(4) Husband road bike, touring bike (offroad, too), TT bike, Track bike
(1) Childback tandem
(2) Son1 BMX, roadbike
(2) Daughter road bike, BMX racing bike
(2) Destined for carboot 2 little girl bikes
(2) Son2 Islabike, Action-man bike
(1) Halford's MTB for age 6-9
(1) Green bike with stabs for Son3 when he's bigger

That's only 17 bikes, or 3 each, but 2 destined for carboot, so only 2.5 each, right? So what if one of us is only big enough to ride a tricycle (Son3 has 2, one in pink, one in blue).
How many bikes have you got?

Will Bowden
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Postby Will Bowden » Wed Aug 11, 2010 13:39 pm

Not quite that bad.

My Ribble MTB
My Specialized Allez Comp 'nearly' road bike
(+Bianchi Road Bike in the next couple of months)

Eldest Sons Land Rover MTB
Eldest Sons Tange framed road bike

Youngest Sons Claude Butler MTB
Youngest sons old MTB

Wifes scaffold tube framed MTB with cast iron forks, jeez its heavy.

Will :) - cheap remote bunkhouse accomodation.

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Postby Underscore » Wed Aug 11, 2010 13:50 pm

Likewise, not so bad:
  • My MTB, commuter, road bike and beater to leave at the station
  • My wife's MTB
  • My daughter's tassel-y bike
  • Son the first's Islabike
  • Son the second's balance bike
  • Son the third's trike (so doesn't really count)
  • A Trail-a-bike - does that count?

So 9 if the tag-along counts but the trike doesn't. Won't be long before we hit double figures though - and could get silly if the boys start demanding multiple bikes each...


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Postby Bartimaeus » Wed Aug 11, 2010 23:50 pm

Down to 9 from 10...

Giant Anthem X4 - 2010 MTB
GT Timberline - 1991 knocking about
Gazelle Tour de l'Avenir - 1986 unused road bike

Specialized Expedition - hybrid
Marin Muirwoods 1995 (being rebuilt as a loaner)
Raleigh shopper (now passed on to a new home)

Son 1:
Islabikes Beinn 26 S

Son 2:
Islabikes Beinn 24
Trek MT60 (to be sold... replaced by Islabike)
Ridgeback MX16 (old bike - now his 'BMX')

Luckily we have a big garage, so it is not noticeably overcrowded. 17 must look like a bike shop though :D

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Postby ride_whenever » Thu Aug 12, 2010 00:13 am

Me (5): SS LT HT, Carbon LT HT, SS XC, SS jump bike, SS roadie
Housemate a (3) mtb, rat road bike, nice road bike
Housemate b (2) mtb, road bike
Housemate c (2) bso, road bike

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Postby desmosedici » Thu Aug 12, 2010 01:58 am

Too many.

1. Bianchi 928 C2C
2. Wilier Cento 100th Anniversary Edition
3. Ritchey Break-away Ti
4. Look 586 Pro Team
5. De Rosa Planet
6. Vitus 992 Ovoid
7. Cervelo P2C
8. Alan
9. Sakae Litage
10. Raleigh Pursuit
11. Argon 18 Cobalt
12. Colnago Super Mexico
13. Colnago Brain
14. Masi Speciale Fixed
15. Trek Fuel EX
16. Scott Scale RC

17. Scott Spark Jr (elder son)

18. Ben 10 kid's bike (younger son)

I think that's everything ...

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Postby planetc » Fri Aug 13, 2010 12:26 pm

should I include the sylvanians?

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Postby baudman » Sat Aug 14, 2010 23:33 pm

planetc wrote:should I include the sylvanians?


Well, we recently had some rationalisation here. Partially because we didn't have the room. Partially to fund other bikes.

2010 Masi Speciale CX (I couldn't resist EOFYS, and sold my Felt F80 to fund it)
2009 Masi Soulville 3 (my main commuter)
1988 (?) Graecross Pathfinder - now a family frankenbeast

2009 Masi Soulville 7 Mixte (I loved mine so much, I suggested a test ride. Lost my dually to fund it, as she did her old/refurbed 70s step-thru, but she now commutes 3-4 days a week, so was worthwhile).
2004 Avanti Vitale Comp

2007 CargoBike
2004 Dahon Vitesse D7

ByK E-350 (coz we don't have IslaBikes here - good locally designed alternative)
Aldi RunBike

Aldi RunBike currently intoddle-bike mode.

Commute - MASI Souville3 | Road/CX - MASI Speciale CX | Family - 80s ugly | Utility - Cargobike

ex-pat scot
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Postby ex-pat scot » Mon Aug 16, 2010 10:05 am

1. Specialized Langster fixed wheel
2. Specialized Tricross
3. Trek 5900 roadie
4. Trek 5500 TT special
5. Cannondale tourer
5. Raleigh comp hack bike
6. Brompton S2-LX folder
7. Dawes Kickback 2 tandem (does this count as one or two bikes?)
8. Giant OCR hack
9. Trek 1400 training bike
10. Pace RC200 front susp mtb

11. Trek mtb (hers)
12. Peugeot child mtb
13. Eldest daughter's bike
14. Elder son's bike
15. younger son's Raleigh Max
16. younger daughter's balance bike

That's about 2.5 each on average. However it works out pretty much as "10 for me; 1 each for everyone else".
Commuting: 07 Langster -08 Singlecross - 88 C'dale T600 - 85 Raleigh Comp
2012 Brompton S2-LX

Road (all SRAM Red): 1995 Trek 5500 -2014 Look 695 Aerolight -2013 Cervelo P2

Offroad: 92 Pace RC200 - Dawes Kickback Two tandem - 2010 Tricross DA 7800

Simon E
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Postby Simon E » Wed Aug 18, 2010 20:16 pm

1. Giant SCR 2
2. Kona Hahanna (1997) in road trim.
3. Raleigh Record Sprint 'project bike' inherited from a friend. Needs fettling.
4. Apollo lead-weighted ATB with road tyres & panniers for Mrs E.
5. Islabikes Beinn 20
6. Islabikes Cnoc 14
7. Raleigh Krush 20" (s/h, recently acquired for daughter too big for Cnoc)
8. Apollo 12" girls bike

All but one are in GWO. The Cnoc will go when daughter is happy riding the Krush. The 12" bike, while perfectly serviceable, is worth very little.

I have been mulling a C2W bike to add to the stable, but the recent change/clarification by HMRC means the potential saving is considerably less now. Still hanker after another road bike and keep the SCR as a hack.
Aspire not to have more, but to be more.

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Postby EssexCyclist » Fri Aug 20, 2010 23:30 pm

I'm not alone!

1. Parkpre Pro Elite (mine)
2. Trek 9600 (mine)
3. Saracen Helix (mine)
4. Specialized Allez Elite (mine)
5. Scott Sub 30 (mine)
6. Saracen step thru thingy (wifes)
7. Trek 9600 (wifes)
8. Trek tag-a-long (Attaches to mine)
9. Generic 24" Wheeled MTB (sons)
10. Crappy Action man thing (sons)

Me & my son have ridden all of ours in the last month and my wife all hers in the last decade so I guess its fair to say they are used frequently?

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Postby andrewc3142 » Tue Aug 24, 2010 12:17 pm

Hmmm .... 14

Condor Acciaio (my pride and joy and main bike for commuting and weekends)
Condor Tour de France fixie (other pride and joy, just for fun and to look at ...)
Dawes Super Galaxy (touring, shopping, etc)
Brompton (mainly for the Eurostar)
Spec Hard Rock (mine)
Spec Rockhopper (wife's)
Bianchi road bike (wife's)
Pashley Princess (wife's)
Orbit Libra tandem
Luath 26 (10 year old)
Beinn 26 (8 year old)
2 * Scott 20" mountain bikes (grown out of now)
Scott 16" mountain bike (ditto)
Kettler 12" (?) (ditto)

The Pashley and Bianchi will go shortly to be replaced by a good tourer do-it-all for my wife, prob a Condor Heritage.

New kid due in a couple of months so adding a Cougar trailer, Extrawheel and then doubtless other bikes as the brood grows.

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Postby Bartimaeus » Tue Aug 24, 2010 13:01 pm

I like this thread... it confirms that I am a picture of restraint in that I only have 3 bikes of my own (and one of them is an old unused road bike).

I must print this thread off and show it to my wife!


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Postby zebra67 » Thu Sep 02, 2010 05:46 am

The sad part is (me having started this thread) is that I miscounted -- we have one more little bike (Little Mermaid) with stabs on it up in the Garage Loft. So that's a total of 18.

And I want to buy 8yo an Isla Beinn 24 and 10yo son is begging me to buy him a Dawes Espoir (sigh).

I must get photos in here, is there a limit on how many photos you can post? :)

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Postby bobhitch » Thu Sep 02, 2010 21:14 pm

seeing the thread made me work it out ;

Me : Cervelo roadbike , bianchi road bike (winter), specialised tricross singlespeed, trek hardtail mountain bike , Co-motion tandem.

Can I include my bikes in our house in the alps? : Cannondale roadbike, Specialized enduro full sus mountain bike

Ju : Specialised Ruby roadbike , Marin Mountain bike

Millie : 3 specialised mountain bikes of different sizes used through the years

Max : 2 specialised and one Carrera mountainbike

Barnaby : Action man bike with stabilisers

Bloody hell that's 16 bikes and I've just remembered I don't have a dedicated touring bike and am planning a fully loaded tour next summer so i'd better start shopping.

As they say to the question "how many bikes do you need?" the answer is "One more than I've got "

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Postby tomilinski1 » Tue Sep 14, 2010 19:38 pm

Fantastic Stuff - If only i had kept my old bikes instead of selling them on ebay!
1.Argon 18 Gallium Pro - nice road rides
2.Planet X Uncle John - commuting
3.Focus Mares Expert - Cross bike
4.Sanderson Life - MTB
5. Specialized Rockhopper - the wifes
6.Islabike - 4yrold (if she ever can be bothered to try riding!)
7.Islabike - 2yrold (once he can reach the floor!)
8.Wooden strider bike
9. Puky trike

Quite restrained compared to some of you!
Bring back the original C4 Tour theme tune !

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Postby stomith » Tue Sep 21, 2010 01:28 am

desmosedici wrote:Too many.

8. Alan

I think that's everything ...

You have a bike called Alan?

My wife calls things names like "Bernard" which is the "Freecom WLAN 350 Media Streamer". It rolls off the Tongue.

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Postby Wheelspinner » Tue Sep 21, 2010 03:57 am

stomith wrote:
desmosedici wrote:Too many.

8. Alan

I think that's everything ...

You have a bike called Alan?

Alan are an Italian company, famous in the 70s and 80s in particular from some lovely aluminium lugged frames. Very collectable. Stands for ALuminium ANodized.

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Postby Wheelspinner » Tue Sep 21, 2010 04:13 am

Oh and the currrent answer is 6, down from 8 a couple of months ago.

Pinarello Paris FP - race day ride
Colnago E1 - all day ride
Principia RSL - commuter rocket
Fondriest Top Level - flat bar triple crank touring roadie
Cannondale CAAD 7 converted to single speed.
Trek MTB, made some time back in the Bronze Age I think. Unbreakable.
Recent disposal: Pinarello FT1 - time trial, and an older refurbished steel frame race bike.

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Postby Otsdjm » Mon Sep 27, 2010 09:07 am

Hmm, not that many

1. Wifes Specialized Ariel hybrid
2. Wifes decathalon MTB
3. my ancient Townsend MTB
4. Youngests Trek 3900 MTB
5. Eldests wethepeople BMX
6. Youngests X-trail BMX
7. Youngests crappy (soon to be scrapped) MTB
and on the way...

8. My new BMC Trailfox 03
9. Marlin Malt 2 for my eldest

but 3 & 7 will be going to bike heaven soon so that will bring us back down to 7

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