Routes-Trails for a Kiddies bike trailer

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Routes-Trails for a Kiddies bike trailer

Postby carpetmonster » Sun Aug 14, 2011 08:10 am

Does anyone know anywhere suitable for me to take my kids and a bike trailer too/
I stay in gretna on the scotish border so near dumfries,cumbria,borders.
I have just recently got a mountain bike: giant terrago, i love it, and mostly cycled on the road building my fitness up but im hoping to buy a trailer today and get out by my self and also with the kid with the new trailer.

Thanks for your help


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Postby shortyman » Sun Aug 28, 2011 19:41 pm

I don't really know the area you live, but we had a trailer attached to an MTB and I would recomend forest tracks (for example daddy did the roses round sportive last year and I took baby to gisburn forest and cycled round the fire tracks). Bumpy enough for her and me pulling her. For me, the extra weight on inclinds was the limiting factor, although if you build up we got up some steep enough stuff before her weight finally beat my power. Similarly I used to look at bridleways on maps and go from there.
I hope that helps rather than teaching you to suck eggs. I found that we were both happy with very little, if the route went off road toddler thought it was a great adventure!

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