Toddle bike review Lois 22 months

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Toddle bike review Lois 22 months

Postby vickys » Thu Nov 10, 2011 11:13 am

The bike arrived and day one was great.The bike was nicely coloured, very light and easy to carry...Lois took the bike everywhere with her, even in the car to shopping. It was ridden inside and out.....But unfortunately, that is where it ended. She had trouble reaching the handles from the seat, so sat on the bar, which she found uncomfortable. She struggled to get on and off it and tipped it over backwards twice, even though she is of average height for her age. Day 2 she sat on it only to watch tv and refused to move forwards or backwards....for a week after we kept it in the living room, but she never went back to it or showed any interest at all and after a week it was taken outside and never used since.. ...In fact, she went to the garden and opted to play on her Little tikes plastic horse ride-on instead. I am afraid i have no pictures, as she wasn't on the bike enough to take them, and I shall be returning my trial bike.

I have been asked to grade the bike on its usability etc and have posted my opinions below...

Versatility (i.e. Suitability for indoor/outdoor use and on varied journeys) 10/10
Design (aesthetic and practicality) 4/10
Parent practicality (i.e. around the house, when out riding or carrying) 9/10
Enjoyment 2/10
Learning (i.e. did it help your Toddler master balance/co-ordination/other skills?) 1/10
Robustness 7/10
Value for money (£19.95) 4/10
Overall 4/10

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