Pulling a tag-along for the first time...

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Pollys Bott
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Pulling a tag-along for the first time...

Postby Pollys Bott » Thu Mar 01, 2012 20:47 pm

Hi everyone;

So our daughter started in the trailer, moved to a seat and today we picked her up from nursery and brought her home proudly perched on a tag-along bike. Now I'm quite sure I attached it right and I'm equally sure that the fact that it feels all wrong and weird is simply because it's a new experience and a departure from normal bike handling. Are there any tag-along-pulling veterans who can reassure me that I will get used to it and I won't spend every second feeling paranoid that she'll fall off?!

The instructions said to tighten the clamp onto the seat post to such a degree that it is difficult to move it sideways by hand: stupid question I know, but this is right, yes? You want the tag-along to have a bit of lateral movement but not too much?


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Re: Pulling a tag-along for the first time...

Postby oxoman » Fri Mar 02, 2012 09:21 am

I used an Adams tagalong for my youngest son for 18 months with no problems. Yes it takes getting used to but doesn't take long. The main thing is that the child doesn't lean over to far or rock side to side as this can cause you to wobble a bit, it is a bit disconcerting the first time but you get used to it. The clamp should be tight to the point that it doesn't turn when you turn a corner. Make sure the universal coupling has no play in it as this can cause a bit of a wobble if play in it, this is normally only a problem if the bike has had a lot of use. I always used a flag on the back of the tag along and made my son wear a hi viz vest when on the road, my eldest son used to ride shotgun behind as well just in case people got to close. Never really had any problems, only getting my lazy son to peddle then getting him to use his own bike without stabilisers.
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Re: Pulling a tag-along for the first time...

Postby baudman » Sat Mar 03, 2012 23:23 pm

Different designs work in different ways, however...

The clamp itself should not move. At all.

The pivot/hinge beyond that should provide the movement. If your child's tagalong is on a lean, most-likely you haven't put the clamp on straight (use a site-line across the top tube to ensure it is)
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Re: Pulling a tag-along for the first time...

Postby htsw5 » Sun Mar 04, 2012 20:29 pm

You soon get used to the extra weight and added wobble...

As mentioned above, try to get the coupling as tight as possible. My tag-a-long was 4th hand, so this required an additionaly washer to get the fit snug. Mine also has a bit of play on the arm, where it can be folded for compactness, but you soon get used to it.

Definitely need to discourage any deliberate wobbling by the littl'un, as it plays havoc with stability and if your not careful they think it is funny so want to do it more...

I have to admit the added length took a little bit of getting used to, especially negotiating any barriers or tight spots. The gate into Nursery is a particular difficulty for me...

Good luck with it.

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Re: Pulling a tag-along for the first time...

Postby t4tomo » Tue Mar 06, 2012 11:22 am

Yes they are wobbly things no matter how tight the clamp is, but much cheaper / convenient than a child-back tandem. You pays your money.....
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Pollys Bott
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Re: Pulling a tag-along for the first time...

Postby Pollys Bott » Wed Mar 07, 2012 22:42 pm

Thanks everyone for the replies, picked her up again the following day and it felt better; doing it again this Thurs / Fri too so am sure we'll both be more confident with it soon.

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cycle monster
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Re: Pulling a tag-along for the first time...

Postby cycle monster » Sun Mar 18, 2012 22:25 pm

Had my youngest on a Giant Halfwheeler for a couple of years. It was diconcerting at first but as with riding alone you get used to it. Try and keep the rest of your party alongside or in front. I recall that his swinging round looking for mummy or his older brother caused a lurch or to to one side or the other. Carrying the additional dead weight at the end of rides was the bigger problem, once cornering like an articulated lorry was mastered of course!

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Re: Pulling a tag-along for the first time...

Postby tinyhelmets » Tue Apr 03, 2012 04:16 am

We have a Yuba Mundo (www.yubaride.com) it's basically our minivan. They don't get to pedal like a tagalong but my little ones are too small anyway and I don't really like how they flop around hanging off the back. This is our journey with it, if anyone is interested: www.tinyhelmetsbigbikes.com

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