Problems fitting a child seat

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Problems fitting a child seat

Postby K2togm1 » Sat Mar 17, 2012 12:44 pm

I just bought a bike specifically to install a copilot seat that I have second hand. The bike is a Ridgeback velocity women's 17" and before buying I checked whether it was going to fit, which everyone said it would. Now, it doesn't. The rack does not reach the fitting points, so the guys at the shop who installed the rack added a little extenssion to make it reach. But the safety strap of the seat doesn't reach the seat post. Obviously I am not going to use the seat like this. Is there anything that I can do? Should i just get a different seat? Would a Hamax be better?

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Re: Problems fitting a child seat

Postby baudman » Sat Mar 31, 2012 22:28 pm

How have you got on with this?

If you made the salespeople aware of your intended use of the bike, and they've sold you something that doesn't suit, you'd have grounds to get something done? Did they sell you the child seat too?

If the bike suits you (it certainly looks like it'd be quite versatile), keep the bike and yes, you'd be better getting a child seat that actually works with it. Also consider other options (trailer, front-mounted seat) as some people find these work better.

Sorry, but I'm probably not telling you anything you haven't thought yourself, but would be interested to see how you got on. Incorrect/ineffective sales advice is one of my pet hates.
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