Islabike Luath 700 large

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Islabike Luath 700 large

Postby slowlanejane » Thu Apr 19, 2012 13:12 pm

Does anyone in the s. bucks /E Berks / WLondon area have a Luath 700 large that I could look at with my son? He's a big 11 and wants a road or crosser for his next bike. But I wanted to check it out in person before committing as I think he might outgrow it too quickly and I'll be better off buying a small adult bike for him.

Mike Healey
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Re: Islabike Luath 700 large

Postby Mike Healey » Thu Apr 19, 2012 20:29 pm

Try Isla's size chart for guidance: ... rt_web.pdf

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Re: Islabike Luath 700 large

Postby slowlanejane » Fri Apr 20, 2012 10:15 am

Thanks Mike, familiar with their sizing but just wanted an oppy to handle it in person if poss... Hence the query.

juggling mum
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Re: Islabike Luath 700 large

Postby juggling mum » Wed Apr 25, 2012 18:09 pm

Not answering your original question, but another option is Paul Milnes frame/bike. We have had isla bikes for my 11 year old up to the Luath 26 but we went for a small Paul Milne frame for her first 700C. It is a cross frame which she is riding on the road now but she will use as a cross bike in the winter and will hopefully do a couple of seasons as a cross bike. ( we went for frame only as had bits to build up - although with junior gear rules no need really for the large ring)

Whether you get a small adult road bike or an isla bike, if it fits properly he is still likely to outgrow at the same rate and isla bikes hold their value well. Certainly see plenty luath 700s used at U16 races and cross races.

Tom Butcher
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Re: Islabike Luath 700 large

Postby Tom Butcher » Thu Apr 26, 2012 09:44 am

I think a big 11 would be fine on a Large as far as outgrowing it goes unless he's absolutely huge - my daughter is an average 10 year old and she is too small for a 700 small - though she could ride it the 26 is her ideal size.

I do some kids coaching in schools and I've yet to find a year 6 that is too big for an Isla 700 large - though yes when you get that big the option of a smaller adult bike is there as the Isla large is big enough for quite a few adults.

As above if buying new an IslaBike may be the best bet as they hold their value well - if buying second hand then a different make may well give better value and you'll have more choice.
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