That was the worst weather I have ever cycled through.

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That was the worst weather I have ever cycled through.

Postby craker » Sun Aug 26, 2012 19:01 pm

Well the sun was out and despite the forecast of heavy thundery showers I took the family down to the Gwent levels for a 4 miler round the RSPB site. We even had a debate about bringing waterproofs but decided, on the balance of the forecast and what Wales is generally like in Summer, that waterproofs were to be brought with us. That's me on a 20 yo rigid mtb I bought for £10, fitted with a child seat for Peter (2). Sam (5) and Anna (7) are on their own bikes as is Mrs C

About two miles in, we had views stretching to Portishead to the east, the Somerset coast to the south and Cardiff to the west. There was a rumble of thunder from somewhere and bands of rain were apparent over the channel. As the wind started to freshen we donned our waterproofs and I saw some lightning crackle away towards Bristol. Newport (3 miles to the West) had disappeared from view - rain incoming. The rain turned from the odd heavy dollop to wind driven sheets in the matter of minutes. Thunder rumbled nearby and the daughter has got a bit distressed. I stopped us in the lee of what vegetation there was - a 7 foot spindly tree of some sort (this RSPB reserve is salt marsh so reeds mostly). So it's blowing a gale the rain is coming down in torrents and thunder booms almost overhead. Mrs C suggests sheltering under a tree is not a good idea because of the lightning risk; we move a couple of feet away, the sodden bunch that we are (Mrs C and I are laughing our heads off at the the silliness of our predicament. Sam's got a big grin on his face but the 2 yo is quite upset and the daughter a bit frantic. It's hailing now, big thumping stones. I huddle over 2 yo best I can to shelter him. My boots have filled up with water, my shorts are drenched through but my £10 aldi mac-in-a-sac has kept me pretty dry. Mrs C suggested moving on - the wind has lessened and the thunder tumbled away to the east.

Shortly blue sky appeared, the sun starts us all steaming and the path is deep with puddles and piles of hail. We exchanged a nod with a couple of walkers- they looked as shellshocked as us-and returned to civilisation at a quite gentle pace as it is quite nice there when the sun is out.

I've cycle commuted daily for 8 years or so and never faced anything remotely that bad. Crazy weather, huh?

Arthur Scrimshaw
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Re: That was the worst weather I have ever cycled through.

Postby Arthur Scrimshaw » Sun Aug 26, 2012 19:16 pm

yeah but.....

sheltering under a tree is technically not cycling now is it? :lol:

Sounds horrendous, hope the kids weren't put off cycling?

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