Trike for a toot !

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Trike for a toot !

Postby Pinno » Sun Oct 14, 2012 14:37 pm

Just popped up from the Bottom Bracket basement of depravity and wondering what trike I can get for my 20 month old daughter. She is sligthly on the small side, but I would like one that will fit for a little while at least.
Need to burn off her excess energy, I am sure you'll understand.
Budgets reasonable, but I am not buying her Carbon fibre !!
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Re: Trike for a toot !

Postby lfcquin » Sun Oct 14, 2012 15:18 pm

Have a look at Toddlebikes. I found with my eldest that 20 months was about when she started showing a bit of interest in it. Not quite a trike and there's no pedalling but by the time I got her on a balance bike she had the steering nailed.

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