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not another cycling forum plug

Postby sam_walker » Tue Jul 10, 2007 14:27 pm

Brothers and sisters and gender neutral individuals: I come in peace. (Who am I? Click here: I was on the Cycling Plus forum years ago, and even served as admin for about 15 minutes last summer. I'm posting because flux always brings out the eccentrics, and I suppose I qualify.

First I find that BikeRadar has borrowed my beloved initials (

Next I discover that a bewildered throng of regulars is leaving, or at least weighing the options. Again. ( ... ic=36598.0). Most seem to be headed elsewhere, bless them; it's always fun to discover new digs.

Here is my opinion. It is worth precisely tuppence, which is 4 cents in American money at current exchange rates. BikeRadar will find its feet because it has good, competent administration, and I'm not just saying that because admins all belong to the society for administrators and have a secret handshake. As to whether the eventual whole will be better or worse than the sum of its parts, well, that depends on what you're coming here to find.

If you lived in a village which got swallowed up by a nearby city, you might be unhappy or you might embrace your new neighbours. It takes all kinds to make a world, thank goodness.

Running a forum this busy isn't easy. I have some clue because the one I care for often gets over a thousand posts a day and it takes forever for me to move them all around. (Inside joke.) People say "It's just a forum" but it's more than that. These places provide virtual office banter for those of us home alone or stranded in a cultural desert at work. They are potentially a valuable source of information and camaraderie which easily spills out into the nonfora world, as I know so well from all the rides which have been organised at my bailiwick.

All the best to the BikeRadar staff, and to everyone else here, wherever they may roam.

sam walker,
who isn't pretending to be e e cummings
but has just decided to go lowercase
for awhile

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