Grass Track - tyre choice

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Grass Track - tyre choice

Postby LegendLust » Sat Dec 08, 2012 12:52 pm

I'm thinking of doing some grass track racing next season. I used to love doing it years ago (in the mid 80s). Back then we used to use wider tyres with a heavier diamond file tread. I've tried looking around to see if there are similar tyres out there but can't seem to find anything.

Are there any seasoned grass track racers on here that can give me some advice for tyre choice?

Richard Kennedy
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Re: Grass Track - tyre choice

Postby Richard Kennedy » Sat Dec 15, 2012 15:58 pm

There are a few decent tyres/tubulars out there at the moment with a suitable heavy diamond tread.
The Vittoria Cross XN is available as either a tubular or clincher as is the Challange Grifo XS. The Tufo Dry Plus is available as tubular only. If you want to spend a bit more then Dugast and FMB both make tubulars with suitable tread too.
The problem you may find with all of these tyres is that they won't fit in your track bike. The recent trend in cyclo-cross has been to move away from the 26-28mm tyres that you would have been using in the mid 80s to tyres of around 32mm. That's great for cross bikes with loads of clearance, but if you've got a modern track frame with tight clearances it's a problem. There are no decent tyres (that I know of) currently being made in a more track bike friendly size.

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