Newbie Q - chain and cassette?

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Newbie Q - chain and cassette?

Postby RobertSims » Tue Oct 16, 2012 11:30 am


Newbie Q I'm afraid and after some advice. I've recently started commuting to work on my brother's old bike (early 2000s model of Orange Clockwork I think). Generally in good condition until I crashed it (too fast round bend in the wet!).

Rear gear changes are now very sluggish (won't change, then jump 2 gears etc.) and chain falls off if I try to move into the easiest gear/largest cog on the rear (never decide if that's high gear or low gear!). It worked fine before so I'm guessing I've bent the rear derailleur - does that sound sensible?

Anyway will probably get lbs to do that, but I think chain will also need replacing as not been done for years and I wanted to try and do it myself and (in for a penny in for a pound) thought I measure do cassette at same time.

I can get instructions from youtube/book but I am at a loss over what chain/cassette to buy (or even if it is a cassette - I've heared of freewheels....all bit of a mystery I'm afraid)

So any advice on what chain/cassette? to buy or even how I tell what is on there at moment? - I've fine with what is on there in terms of gear ratios although I find myself in top few gears most of the time (currently 3 gears on front, 8 on back - indexed gears)

Any advice much appreciated!!!!!


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Re: Newbie Q - chain and cassette?

Postby The Rookie » Tue Oct 16, 2012 11:55 am

Bent the rear mech (Derailleur) or the hanger on the frame.

I believe it's a steel frame, look from directly behind and make sure the part the rear mech is bolted to hangs down perfectly vertical, if its bent in then take the rear mech of and bend it straight, a LARGE set of adjustable spanners can do it, or a bike shop will have the correct tool for the job.

If it's the mech you'll need a new one.

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