Spoke Nipple coming out of the Rim!

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Spoke Nipple coming out of the Rim!

Postby Tegglington » Fri Nov 09, 2012 12:36 pm

Good Afternoon Ladies and Jellyspoons,

After noticing a rough couple of rides this week I have decided to try and true the rear wheel on my year old hybrid. after consulting various youtube videos I seem fairly confident I can get it to a lot better that what it is.


after looking at where the rear wheel is mostly rubbing I have noticed that the nipple holding the spoke, is coming out of the rim. it looks as if the rim is cracking, and the tension is pulling the nipple away from the rim. Image attached.

firstly, how safe is this?

and secondly, can this be repaired at all? I don't really want to pay out for a new rim, but if needs must....

This is my commuter bike, and have used it every work day since last September(12 mile round trip) is it common for things like this to happen after a year of hard riding?

any help or ideas on how this happened would be gratefully received.



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Re: Spoke Nipple coming out of the Rim!

Postby Wooliferkins » Fri Nov 09, 2012 13:40 pm

Not good. Basically that spoke is now doing very little and I would expect it to keep throwing your wheel out of true to some extent. No it's not normal and you cant repair it. It does occasionally happen but I'd be miffed after a year. You could get it re-rimmed but as I guess it's not the worlds most expensive wheel replacement may be as cost effective
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Re: Spoke Nipple coming out of the Rim!

Postby gosport_commuter » Fri Nov 09, 2012 14:20 pm

Sorry to say - as above, that rim is now scrap. Unless it is an expensive wheel - whoel wheel replacement is likely to be the quickest and cheapest solution.

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Re: Spoke Nipple coming out of the Rim!

Postby DesWeller » Fri Nov 09, 2012 21:10 pm

If the hub's OK then you can get a new rim laced onto it. Chances are you'll need new spokes too.

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