Did you attend Bike Radar Live?

Find out about the BikeRadar Live cycling festival - Donington 30-31 May 2009

I attended Bike Radar Live and thought it was

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Did you attend Bike Radar Live?

Postby Techboy » Sun May 31, 2009 15:08 pm

Was it any good?

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Postby bendylegs69 » Sun May 31, 2009 18:08 pm

spot on
had a little trouble with security very unorginised bunch of nobbers they were :shock:
apart from that a exellent weekend had by all, must admit the weather played a great part in that aswell, could have done with a bit of rain whilst doin the enduro the ground was very dry and dusty still good fun though :oops:

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Postby amyabcd » Sun May 31, 2009 18:34 pm

Thanks for putting it on it was a great weekend - I do think the weather helped. If it had rained all weekend there would have been a lot less to do though. Will there be a thread for suggestions/ complaints/ improvements?

All in all a good event with good showers and ok loos (more though please), great demos, and events.

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Postby pswinfield » Sun May 31, 2009 18:56 pm

Had a really great time. Managed to finish the 100km Sportive with my brother. Loved the atmosphere, everyone was friendly and supportive and no one took the micky for doing the ride on hybrids (with 8 gears no less). I will be coming next year with more people! Thanks for everyones hard work on making this a cracking weekend.

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Postby chintz » Sun May 31, 2009 19:07 pm

Great weekend, the kids loved the bouncy castles, I was great to ride around the track. The Animal team stuff was awesome, meet Graeme Obre ( top bloke)

Was great vibe, very friendly, nice to see the Roadies and the Mountain bikers getting on

Improvements for next year:-

A few more toilets would be good( although the ones that they did have we amongst the best I have seen at a festival)
maybe a stage with a few live bands in the evening/night

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Postby nonnac85 » Sun May 31, 2009 19:18 pm

Good work people - I stayed for the whole weekend and there was always something to watch / do. Great fun :-) The demo loop was a laugh especially the northshore type obstacles in the woods. Really enjoyed the floodlit races too.

I agree with chintz - more toilets would have been good but they were decent for a festival.

I'll be going next year and taking my new bike (which will hopefully be built by then). Bring it on!!
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Postby GregC » Sun May 31, 2009 19:38 pm

I've had a great weekend , thankyou for all your organisation .Yes the weather helped ,but you need more than good weather to make an event run well .The enduro course was just right -- catering for all abilities and not too many traffic jams once the first lap was over .
You must have put hours and hours of work in to clear those woodland trails ,well done !
Demo rides were excellent ,I assumed that the manufacturers would only put on their lower spec bikes ,but I rode a Scott Genius ( £4 1/2k) on the enduro loop and then this morning a Scott Addict (£5k ) on the motorrace circuit --a lovely way to loosen up the legs on a Sunday morning !
Just need to get saving now .
Oh one thing ,how about some bands on fri/sat night ?
Thanks again ,looking forward to next year ,
Greg --Coalville Wheelers

The Velvet Curtain
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Postby The Velvet Curtain » Sun May 31, 2009 19:58 pm

Did the 100K sportive and enjoyed it very much, the marshalling and organisation were good. Just a couple of minor points, I'm not that impressed about being penned in on dirt ground for half an hour before the off, perhaps allowing the riders to populate 100m of the track might be better. Secondly SiS only had one drink dispenser going at Kirk Ireton leading to a 10 minute queue.
Minor gripes these, and given that this was the first run of the event, I was pretty happy and will be back next year when the whole thing no doubt will be even bigger and a bit slicker.

Thanks to all at Bike Radar, it was fun
(except for putting the finish at the top of the hill - that's just sadistic).
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Postby footylegsy » Sun May 31, 2009 20:02 pm

I thought it was an absolutely brilliant weekend, always something to do, whether it was watching the dual descender or riding the track or demo loop, every thing was great.Security was abit disorganised but didnt really matter at all. I got autographs from Gee, Rachel and Dan Atherton, Steve Peat, Sam Pilgrim and Martyn Ashton! A great and definitely recomended weekend, definitely going next year. :D

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Postby approvedlunatic » Sun May 31, 2009 20:24 pm

Mostly good things to report, but a few gripes
Completed the 12H enduro with 3 friends, the course was great. Its the first time ive done anything like this.
Organisation could have been better, over an hour to get into the venue. No specific camping area for competitors as had been advertised. The pre race briefing was due to start at 745pm, we arrived at 740 and had already missed most of it. Timetable for registration had changed, could have done with some BIG signs telling people instead of letting us queue for 20 minutes to be told come back tomorrow.
All in all it has been a very good weekend, I will go again next year. More toilets would have been good in the camping area, some better food options for competitors would also be appreciated.

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Postby chintz » Sun May 31, 2009 20:58 pm

canon dale
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Postby canon dale » Sun May 31, 2009 21:01 pm

Good event, with some teething problems obviously - would be great to see it become a fixture on the calendar what with central location.

Great weather on standing order would assist no doubt too :wink:
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Postby swagman » Sun May 31, 2009 21:15 pm

Sack the muppets in charge of the bike park,were they on something?

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Postby chrisga » Sun May 31, 2009 21:38 pm

Went along for the whole weekend, did the sportive (I was the fat mountain biker in baggies on an ancient/ knackered roadie at the back!!). It was good to complete it and the course was ok (dont have any experience of this sort of thing so probably not the best judge). Marshals all good/informative etc, and never had to queue for energy drink/water as we were so far behind (perhaps thats the secret!).
We didnt have any trouble getting in to the event, no problems with the security, probably queued for 1/2 hour in the car, arriving 6:30ish Friday evening and the guy in the gatehouse took our printed out tickets and exchanged them for wristbands with no issues.
Was worried about the secure bike storage but that all worked very well for us - no probs, although we did notice some of them were slung on the floor on top of others when we took ours late tomight. We all know that some peoples bikes are their pride and joy, so a little word with the storage guys might not have gone amiss. We only took our old ones but I wouldnt have been happy if it was my good bike!

A few minor niggles/teething problems as others have said, which definitely wont stop us going back again if you guys run it again, but would be great if someone from the bikeradar team could acknowledge that they might be looked at for next time:
1) Toilets - these were very good, hygienic, clean etc but we only found one block of 4 next to the competitors campsite (yes there was a separately signed area for quiet competitor and family camping). We queued for about half an hour this morning to use them! It was getting desperate for some people, especially those with kids.
2) Showers - Again these were very good, better than expected, clean, plenty of warm water etc etc but seemed to be a very long way away ferom the campsite. Im sure there was a good reason like water access but it was a bit of a drag having to trek to them when you needed a shower.
3) Retailers - I appreciate it was the first show and some may have been worried about attendance or potential audience but there didnt seem to be very many there. We were expecting more shops to be honest. Out of the ones that were there we were most disappointed with chain reaction cycles and most pleased with the service from the guy on the superstars stand. My other halfs bottom braket expired on the sportive and she queued for 50 minutes at the crc stand where they advertised they would fix your bike for free but you pay for any replacement parts. When she reached the front after standing in the blazing sun she was told they hadnt brought any bottom brackets at all. Which just seemed odd to us. The guy from superstars sorted us out though so many thanks to him.
4) Food - Now I am no healthy eater by any stretch of the imagination, I like a burger as much as anyone but it would be nice to see some healthier options available. If I missed them I apologise but it would have been good to have somewhere doing a salad or maybe noodles/pasta etc. And I know they are out to make a profit, but, and as expected they were very expensive.
5) The Scott sunset session - This didnt seem very well attended and it pointed straight at the camping area. If you had parked it the other way round so the speakers faced away from the campsite it probably could have been louder for longer and noone would have batted an eyelid.
4) I went to watch the dual slalom on the Saturday night and have never been to anything like this before. The racing was amazing, music fantastic, and well done to Gee for winning, it was very close racing and I thoroughly enjoyed it, but please sort out the in between races time delay. I know they need to get back up but the tractors were taking the mickey. Surely you cant claim it was health and safety as these guys were just hurling themselves down the teack and off the jumps at incredible speeds!

Bloody hell I just read that back and it really sounds like Im complaining, please understand Im not, they are just my thoughts from a fantastic weekend. Highlight of which for me was seeing that bloke off the computer Danny Macaskill. Wow. Nothing more to say. I wish I possessed a thosandth of his talent on a bike. His skill and smoothness just blew me away. I could have watched the animal/relentless thingy all day and gone back for more! Simply incredible. Thanks guys.

Thanks everyone involved with putting on an amazing weekend and for sorting the weather, Im sitting here with a very liberal dose of aftersun applied! Some sun burn due in the morning me thinks.....

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Postby Techboy » Sun May 31, 2009 22:22 pm

Hmm, I kinda wish I went now lol.

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Postby MikeEye » Mon Jun 01, 2009 07:21 am

I did the 100km sportive and thoroughly enjoyed it! It was my first sportive so nothing to compare it with but I think the organisation was very good on the whole. Yes there were a few minor niggles which people have already mentioned, but all in all a great event.

Thanks to all those involved in making it happen :D. In particular, I'd like to thank the sports masseuse who sorted out my cramping legs and no doubt saved me from a whole world of pain - thanks Julie!

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Postby wayne65hen » Mon Jun 01, 2009 09:33 am

Great sportive, completed the 100 mile in 108 miles! Missed a left turn near the end :oops:

Loved the route, especially the 1 in 4 bit :twisted:

Better food stations would have helped on such a hot day, but that said, I'd do it again. Here's to next year! :D

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giant man
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Postby giant man » Mon Jun 01, 2009 10:10 am

I went on the Saturday but wouldn't go again. Just not enough there for continuous entertainment. Just a few retailers with a smattering of kit on offer, test rode a Giant TCR on the race track, probably best thing about it. The cycling displays were tiresome to say the least, sort of thing you get at other cycle shows, so quite boring all in all.

Wouldn't go again. The cycle skills area was no help for my daughter who is still learning to ride, and they didn't really want to know either, cos she hasn't learned yet.

Big top was a waste of time, nothing in it, didn't stay till evening for the movies.

As I say, not enough there for the 16 quid entrance fee. Wouldn't go again.

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Postby giant man » Mon Jun 01, 2009 10:10 am

Techboy wrote:Hmm, I kinda wish I went now lol.

Don't worry, you didn't miss much.

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John Stevenson
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Postby John Stevenson » Mon Jun 01, 2009 10:27 am

giant mancp

What would we have to do better or add to get you to come again?

It was a first year event, so we know there are lots of things we can do better and we will be taking on board all the comments here.

We're really pleased that the vast majority of the feedback we've had has been positive; we heard from lots of people on Saturday and Sunday who had a great time.

The high point for me was meeting Graeme Obree (even jaded old journos have heroes) and if you didn't take the chance to hear him speak, then you definitely missed out on a great guy with a heck of a story to tell.
John Stevenson

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