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Find out about the BikeRadar Live cycling festival - Donington 30-31 May 2009

I attended Bike Radar Live and thought it was

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Postby RichardNottm » Tue Jun 02, 2009 11:15 am

Where can we find offical photos for the event?

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Postby steves123 » Tue Jun 02, 2009 11:21 am

Excellent weekend, could have done with the the camping organisers letting the people how had been there hours before going in rather then the people who had turned up at ten past five but still, Would like to of seen some main manufactures being there such as SRAM, SHIMANO and FOX. It was very good for the group that I was with just to see how all the events are ran such as the enduro (needs to be on next year as we have decided that we are doing it).Over all it is about time that this country had something done like this in the north of the country instead of being down london.
For all you that orginised the event and spent the time sorting it out WELL DONE it was very much appreciated and at a fantastic price!
Bring on next years!!!!!!!!!!!


Re: Photos

Postby MC1 » Tue Jun 02, 2009 11:30 am

RichardNottm wrote:Where can we find offical photos for the event?

Hi there,

There are loads of photos on http://www.BikeRadar.com

Also look here (updating as we type):

http://www.everybodysmile.biz/cgi-bin/d ... t_id=82525

http://www.everybodysmile.biz/cgi-bin/d ... t_id=82526

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Postby stevejames » Tue Jun 02, 2009 11:35 am

I suppose the event was fine if you are only into mountain biking, but what for the rest of us?

Why insist on making it compulsory to wear a helmet. The CTC York Rally certainly do not and it is free to attend. As an adult with over 40 years of cycling experience, I think I am in a position to decide if I want to wear a helmet or not. The fact that I saw absolutley nothing in advance regarding the compulsory use of helmets on site really annoyed me when I had travelled a good distance to attend and was then told that I could not ride my bike!

The cost at £18 was too steep for me, although I can understand that the overheads would also have been high, especially for the use of the track. I would suggest that a smaller venue might attract more people, possibly close to a park which could be used for the various racing. I think that the donnington race track was just too big at over 2 miles a lap, and with spectators having to sit behind a fence to watch the racing just was not spectator friendly. People like to get up close to the racing and to feel a part of it. You only have to see how popular town centre racing has become again to see this.

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John Stevenson
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Postby John Stevenson » Tue Jun 02, 2009 14:51 pm

Helmet use was a condition imposed by our insurers.

As a road cyclist, what sort of other activities would we have to offer to get you back next year?
John Stevenson

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Postby mgcycleguy » Tue Jun 02, 2009 16:37 pm

Well I was more than impressed with the whole event...

Personally I did the sportive, which I enjoyed enourmously. Met some great riders out on the road, worked in some great little groups, and really pushed myself for the very best time I could achieve, and was more than happy with my ride. I think a number of the critiscms are a little churlish to say the least. Cycling is like most things in life, you get out of it what you put into it..

In respecit to the whole of the show I find all bikes interesting so having a mixture of Roadies and MTBers I thought gave the event a nice feel.
I live local so didnt camp, so wouldnt like to comment about the camping, but as for the car park guys I found them fine... in fact i had a chat with one guy who was interested to talk about my bike, as i was having a recovery drink in my car before i set off back home... so again no complaints for me about the staff.

As for the food at the show, I could understand why some people would need some pasta or fresh food, I think that should be looked at for next time... having said that, I came back to go around the show on the Sunday, and really enjoyed my burger, first one in 3 months as i'd been eating properly for my sportive training... !

In terms of how to improve things a little, I would suggest the viewing of the track events wasn't great... cycle racing is not Motorsport, so being so far from the action you lose the sense of effort and pain of the riders... maybe some infield viewing on the track itself for next time ?. Also I would love to see some more pro's and cycle celebs maybe doing a few events on the track next time... additionally i thought the interviews in the big tent were fantastic, so more of that next time for me as well....

I appreciate times are hard, industry wise, and a lot of marketing budgets are being cut or frozen, but i was suprised at how few big name trade stands were present, hopefully this will grow in future years... I would have thought this is type of festival is a better vehicle to promote your products than say Earls Court would be ?

... all in all though, very well done to you guys for putting on a great festival, lets hope next year is as good or maybe even better..


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Postby ads1987 » Tue Jun 02, 2009 17:57 pm

I think it was an awesome show, unfortunately I could only go on the Sunday as I had to work on Saturday I can't wait untill the next show.
I got to meet steve peat who sold me a t-shirt and signed it with a poster aswell, then the atherton family who were really awesome and also signed a load of stuff for us.
The jump final was really good, shame about the wind though and also the animal
relentless tour was just absolutely awesome! Got a thumbs up from Sam Pilgrim!
I took 500 photos! and loved every minute of it.

Well done guys for doing an amazing show and can't wait to camp out for the whole thing next year! My only gripe is i've not had much of a voice left for the last two days because I spent show much time shouting/cheering at the jumps and animal tour in an attempt to gain free stuff and support the riders!, but i got signatures, pictures, conversations and lots of bike porn to look at so who cares.

Well done all round cheers guys, best day of the year so far :)

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Postby r1nd4 » Wed Jun 03, 2009 21:34 pm

As an MTB widow and mum of 2 boys, a 4 year old determined to beat Peaty and a 2 year old who just likes hitching a ride on daddy's bike when he can, we had a ball. Great chilled out atmosphere (weather a huge bonus) and not over commercialised for the kids (we did use the dodgems - once and our 2 year old loved the bouncy castle!) Nice to not have to spend the day at a fairground!

best bits:

Seeing our son come face to face with Peaty for the first time - now I just wish he'd talk about something else! And the general nice approachableness of the top guys
Dirt jumping, sadly we weren't there for the finals on Sunday
Sitting in the big top with an exhausted toddler asleep on my lap listening to Chris Smith/ Will Longden / Peaty being interviewed.
Chatting randomly to some lovely like minded people
Sitting on the side of the racetrack watching the Sportive come in and watching Dad and lad heading out for their 2nd lap of the day
Relentless tour
Introducing my teenage nephews to a great event

really no major complaints from us, we had a fantastic day, but on a parental note, where were the baby changing facilities? Asked a member of staff and ended up changing a nappy behind a site services van. This was a great family event, but a little bit of shade for the little people would have been great - perhaps a kids centre along the lines of the media centre for tired littlies that aren't camping to chill and change (on the flipside this will encourage families if the weather isn't quite so kind in future!)

One thing my sister suggested, as she is a very occasional cyclist, was that she would have loved to have been able to hire a bog standard bike for the day, she found the demos a bit daunting, as she really felt inspired to get back in the saddle, likewise for her 2 sons who couldn't bring theirs because they don't have a rack.

Oh and gutted that I missed Graeme Obree

Thanks to everyone who worked so hard to make this happen, we are definitely camping next year and already looking forward to it!

r1nd4 x

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Tea and Medals?

Postby Jon0 » Sun Jun 14, 2009 22:42 pm

Huge event. Must have taken a hell of a lot of organising!

My brother and I entered the 12 hour Enduro. Had a little trouble (about an hour's worth) trying to find the dedicated camping area for Enduro athletes despite asking lots of stewards. Got there eventually.

We were also a little taken back that after cycling for 12hours and getting on the podium for the first time ever we didn't receive any kind of momento for our efforts. Only first place being awarded a prize. Just a little crap medal would have sufficed.

It was a good course though and a great weekend. Would enter again!


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