Advice for 1st 12hr TT?

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Re: Advice for 1st 12hr TT?

Postby sub55 » Fri Sep 07, 2012 20:37 pm

The 24 hr is a completely different animal to the 12hr, its just not the same.
Thats not to say that its any more difficult . Coincidentally , there's a trophy out there called the marcher cup , which is awarded to the rider with the highest aggregate mileage for the wca 12 and the 24.
Dont think to yourself you're not in that league because you might be surprised.

Some of the other contributors to this thread may interested to know , the wca 100 will probably be back in abergavenny next year . A much quicker course than this years llandovery based affair . South wales also has the national 50 miles championships next year , which will be promoted by the wca on a abergavenny based course , possibly a new one if what we have in mind measures up. So all the bar distances are on your doorstep .

As for feet hurting and arms hurting , yep been there infact just about every bit of has hurt at some time in a 12. But strangely its never the same thing twice. Just because you had bad feet this year ,doesn't mean you will next year. Oh and its skinsuit, tt bike , aero lid, disc wheel all the way. Contary to popular belief , if you feel the need to alter your riding position , you want to put the bars down and not up.
constantly reavalueating the situation and altering the perceived parameters accordingly

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Re: Advice for 1st 12hr TT?

Postby Dru » Fri Sep 07, 2012 20:50 pm

I have a feeling that 2013 will contain lots of long distance training rides in full aero kit.... happy days ;)

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Re: Advice for 1st 12hr TT?

Postby Pross » Mon Sep 10, 2012 11:01 am

Good news that the 100 is coming back to Aber, I'll be doing that then - should be another guaranteed trophy at the club dinner as well as possibly a 50 as all the other members have an aversion to time trials of over 25 miles. I could even get the club BAR! :)

So were you the rice pudding cornet man Sub55? If so, many thanks - the only thing I've tasted recently that was nicer was the tuna sandwich after I finished, a bit of savoury was a real treat after all the sweet stuff!

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