Handicap racing - am I doing it wrong?!

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Handicap racing - am I doing it wrong?!

Postby ALIHISGREAT » Fri Jul 05, 2013 19:29 pm

How would you guys race a 2/3/4 handicap circuit race or road race as a 4th cat?

I'm currently just racing hard and trying to encourage a high pace in the 4ths to delay the catch... but no one seems willing to work so should I just sit in and wait for the 2/3s to catch?

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Re: Handicap racing - am I doing it wrong?!

Postby Imposter » Fri Jul 05, 2013 19:56 pm

If nobody else is willing to work, then there's not much you can do about it, unless you are capable of riding away on your own. Best thing you can do is get out of 4th cat.. ;)

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Re: Handicap racing - am I doing it wrong?!

Postby Pross » Fri Jul 05, 2013 20:30 pm

Organising 4th cats to work to stay away is a waste of time usually, a few will work but the others will be happy to sit in somehow expecting to be in with a chance at the end. If they won't work and you feel strong enough try to go it alone, you've got as much chance as you have sprinting at the end against the fast boys.

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Re: Handicap racing - am I doing it wrong?!

Postby Buckles » Sat Jul 06, 2013 17:19 pm

Been in the same situation in an E/1/2/3/4, the group is pretty big and you see people miss turns / stay sitting at the back from the first lap so you think 'why should I work if other people aren't willing to?'

There's no point sitting in just because others aren't contributing, that's even more of a waste of time than doing more than your fair share of work. That may be a waste of energy as far as the race is concerned but you might as well put the effort in and get a decent training session out of it.

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Re: Handicap racing - am I doing it wrong?!

Postby jibberjim » Sat Jul 06, 2013 17:28 pm

If you're not organised in the first 2 minutes, attack, you may well get the other strong 4th's to go with you, and then you've got a small committed group, if none do and you're on your own, then you need to decide how much of an advantage you had and if it's worth carrying on solo.

Don't worry too much if people start sitting on, they're unlikely to do anything at the end if you do stay away. unless you have a good sprint (which is unlikely or you wouldn't still be a 4th cat) then there's no point just sitting in and waiting anyway...
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Re: Handicap racing - am I doing it wrong?!

Postby sub55 » Sat Jul 06, 2013 17:49 pm

As others have said , attack , you never know it may succeed. Somebody may come with you and always better to have a go and go down in flames, than be negative and thinking ,should have.
How far round is the circuit/crit ? as there is a tactic that causes the comms a real headache .
I did a handicap crit at LLandow ,which is a really quite short circuit . went from the gun and caught the group that was supposed to be catching me , sort that one out.
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Re: Handicap racing - am I doing it wrong?!

Postby RyanV49er » Tue Aug 06, 2013 15:59 pm

I think it changes for every race. Out of the handicaps I've raced this year, three races finished with the 4ths staying away (always because they've driven hard and worked together), and an equal number have finished in a mass bunch sprint. So I'd say you need to be flexible; if they work, then get on side and drive it with them. If they slack off then I'd wait for the next group to catch and see if you can keep them away.

I'd say not to worry about attacking. It's too far to ride by yourself, unless you're a VERY good TTer.
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