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Postby gcaster » Fri May 29, 2009 01:17 am

I have Ultegra 6600 STI levers and currently have a Blackburn Delphi 4.0 computer but it's useless. The unit is really prone to interference and most rides I notice my speed is reading nonsense. Also, on descents it usually rises then goes crazy, spiking at like 95mph and then dropping to about 12mph when I suspect I'm hitting 40+mph. This generally ruins like all my stats for a long ride apart from cadence! :evil:

Anyway, I want a new one so have been considering a flight deck. I really like the idea of the buttons being in the STIs and the calculated cadence with no need for a wire but the main thing is the gear display.
I was bored the other night so went for a short ride at midnight, couldn't see my gears and ended up walking home! Funny story. It was dark, I couldn't see my gears and was convinced I was on my smaller chainring so when it came to a climb and I was shifting down I twisted my chain, error. Try standing at the side of the road at 1am trying to remove chain links, doesn't work but looks funny to passers by apparently! :oops:

Anywayyyy....I was just wondering whether the 6600 STIs will run with a DuraAce Flightdeck or if I'd have to use the ugly one? I'm guessing not but it would be nice, it's so much smarter and being able to take data from it would be really useful!

Any help, thoughts, advice etc would be greatly appreciated. Feel free to laugh at me for being a muppet too.

Sorry for the long post.


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