New bike for tall rider. 64cm frame? Stock Vs Custom

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New bike for tall rider. 64cm frame? Stock Vs Custom

Postby tall-rider » Mon Oct 29, 2012 00:23 am

Hi all, looking for some advise on a road bike frame.
I'm 200cm tall. 85cm inseam. I'm riding 2-3 35km blasts and 1 X 100km+ ride per week.
Currently on a 2011 63cm Caad10 Ultegra, FFWD F4r's and 3t cockpit. Great bike, no complaints other than its a little small. I bought it as it was the only stock size available to me within my price range. It's fast and fun but as I'm starting to rack up 8hrs+ a week and putting in 100km rides I'm starting to feel a little beaten up. The alloy frame is more suited to Crits rather than a 100km+ in the hills. So here's the question.

Option 1: The largest stock size road frame I can find in a local shop (don't want to buy online) under $4kAUD Is a Pinarello Dogma 64cm (It measures 62cm top tube & 62cm seat tube vs 60cm & 61cm for the caad10).
Anybody have any experience on a Dogma of this size? Any other tall riders on a stock frame?

Option 2: Custom steel/titanium such as a Independent Fabrication Steel Crown Jewel, ENVE fork. Great reviews although in a 64cm size would this be too soft and heavy?

I know vastly different bikes but looking for other tall riders with a similar issues and their opinions???

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Re: New bike for tall rider. 64cm frame? Stock Vs Custom

Postby LegendLust » Mon Oct 29, 2012 09:36 am

If you're in Aus then go get a custom Baum

I'd always recommend custom built if people can afford them

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